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Jamie DiFlorio
Jamie DiFlorio

Local music maven, Jamie DiFlorio gave up a successful career in the finance sector to follow his dream of working in the music industry.

He set up Superfreak rehearsal studios in Joondalup around four years ago now and, since that time, has never looked back.

When you get to your forties, you start to ask yourself, what the hell am I doing?

Jamie DiFlorio

“I took a bit of time off, I’d had a gutful of that (the finance sector) and I’d had the idea to set up the studios in the northern suburbs, because we were lacking that.  But not just any studios, high quality studios with great sounding rooms.  When you’re in a place where you’re trying to be creative, you want the surroundings to also be creative.

“I’ve been playing drums since I was six and, eventually I came back to music and this is now what I do full time, I play in four bands and I run the studios.

“It was a big risk to do this.  I was successful in the finance industry, but there’s just no soul to it.  When you get to your forties, you start to ask yourself, what the hell am I doing?”


Now a respected figure in the WA music industry, DiFlorio’s is an example of how you can make a living out of playing music and the associated infrastructure that supports bands bringing their music to the stage.  He’s also a much liked and respected figure in the industry, known for his generous support and encouragement of the endeavours of others.

The Freak Show series of shows that DiFlorio promotes is one such example of his practical support for the industry.  The events give young artists their first opportunity to play live in a real music venue, alongside more established bands.  Seems that it’s difficult to put on an all ages gig these days, but DiFlorio seems to have been able to manage it just fine.

“It’s just difficult for these kids to get gigs.  There’s a lot of talented kids out there working away and they just can’t sore any gigs.  I see them working away at the studio, but no one is giving them an opportunity to play a gig.  So, every two or three months I’ll put on a Freak Show and the first two or three bands on the show will be the young bands.  I still remember my first show, I was nine or ten and I got a huge kick out of it.  Giving young bands that support and encouragement just does wonders for their confidence.”

“I’m really happy to have the Rosemount supporting this, because it’s not often that they can put on these all ages gigs.”

If you want to get a taste for the next big things in the WA music industry, you should check out on of these shows.  The next one is on Sunday 15 September.  More information here.

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