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Astor Theatre
Sunday 3 March 2019

The streets of Mt Lawley were filled with an unusual buzz for a Sunday evening as we all patiently awaited to be graced by the pure talent that we can proudly say the locally grown POND brings to the stage.

Opening the night was local pop duo Leopard Lake, who released their new single “Heart of Yours”, just last night at Mojos in Fremantle.

The duo gave a tight performance with a very laid back sense to them, grabbing the audience’s attention and letting us all enjoy the tunes.

Perth boy Adrian Dzvuke filled the theatre with energy as he engaged with the crowd and asked them for their help to be the back up vocals for his songs.

Dzvuke has been inspired by the likes of Anderson Paak and Childish Gambino to create his soulful mix of RnB and Afro beats, the perfect way to warm up the stage for POND.


The local Perth boys entered the Astor stage on Sunday the 4th of March with a very excited audience cheering, ready for what certainly was a magical journey of synth, dancing and smokey colours.

The five-piece led by Nic Allbrook, said a big hello and thank you before they opened with ‘Daisy’ from the recently released album Tasmania. The full mosh pit began to dance and scream with Allbrook bouncing all over the stage.

Throughout the set Allbrook stole the show with his charming personality, sassy facial expressions and bizarre, ABBA-like, simply entertaining dance moves.

Traversing a mix of old and new, POND then went on to play ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’ from their 2017 album The Weather.

Jay Watson, who is also in Tame Impala and his solo piece Gum, shone with confidence and spoke to the audience letting them know the band’s gratitude for letting them explore new and different techniques on their latest album.

The crowd were in awe as the theatre filled with smoke which seemed to colour the air with the lights and leave a mist-like presence. Buzzing with delight as Allbrook continued to own the stage with his whacky yet wonderful moves while slipping in a cover of ‘Blame It On The Boogie’.

Allbrook enjoyed the occasional thank you and giggle in between songs and even stopped to have a bit of banter on stage showing us a very interesting invention. One of the members had turned the bottom of the microphone stand into a stand for his flute making it accessible for Allbrook to grab for the songs during the set. He showed it off with pride and he well and truly made us believe it definitely was a very clever invention.

With a quick thank you and goodbye the boys then played the title track ‘The Weather’ and quickly slid off the stage. The floor of the Astor started to rumble as the crowd began to stomp their feet, scream and cheer to get one last song for the evening.

Looking very pleased the five-piece reappeared back on stage grabbed their instruments and jumped straight back into it. Finishing the night with people in the audience on shoulders screaming for more they played ’30,000 Megatons’.

“Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and take care of the land. We love you!” Allbrook said as they all left the stage.

We love you too Pond and thanks for the wonderful tunes.

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