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Amy Hetherington

Amy Hetherington took up stand-up comedy as a dare around five years ago when she was raising money by staying dry during ‘Ocsober’.  For a Darwin denizen, just giving up booze might have been a bit of a stretch, but Hetherington has managed to turn that moment of insanity into a career in comedy.  In Perth for her second set of dates in WA, which includes a run at Fringe as well as a date in her original home town, Albany, Around The Sound found Hetherington in fine form.

“I just want to perform for as many people as possible, make as many people as possible have a laugh and forget about the stresses and the negativity of their world.  If I can just keep doing that, that’s the goal for me.”

That’s a pretty good mission statement for anyone to have and it’s beautiful to see Hetherington turn her beam on the comedic potential of the characters that walk the streets of Darwin. Plenty of material there!

“A lot of the people up there (Darwin) get to be completely themselves, which means that a lot of the craziness and insanity comes through.  There’s no real judgement, you can just be yourself and, for some people, that is a little bit mad. That’s where the name of the show comes from, Where They Hide The Crazy, because the Territory is definitely where we do that.  I won’t give anything away, but some of the highlights do include the NT News.”

The show has played to sell out audiences, so there must be something in Hetherington’s approach to comedy and, it seems, life.  Speaking to Hetherington she seemed, if anything, a bit too pleasant to be a stand-up, but she soon confirmed she could hold her own with the best of them when asked about the inevitable hecklers.

“I had one person put up his hand during a show once, so he could tell me that I wasn’t doing as badly as he thought I would.  That was a good one!  Sometimes, I’ve had people come on stage as part of the heckle, but I think a good comedian can roll with that, because it’s about being present in the moment, so if you can’t bounce off it, you need to make sure you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve.  I’ve never had anyone that’s made me stop a show completely, we just carry on and laugh about it.”


Hetherington’s show, Where They Hide The Crazy, plays one more night at Fringe tonight, Valentine’s Day, and then moves on to Adelaide and Melbourne.  If you missed her, she promised she’d be back to Perth soon and we reckon you should make sure you see her next time she’s in town.

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