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Coming to WA for dates in Fremantle, Kendenup and Bridgetown in September, Dublin-born, now Melbourne-based, Gallie is no stranger to WA’s shores.

His sublime lyrics and tremendous melodies, sung with a voice that is both soulful and incredibly expressive, have earned Gallie rave reviews in Australia, America and Ireland for his debut release The Occoquan River. On 14 September Gallie returns to WA to make his Fremantle debut, on the back of outstanding performances at the Fairbridge Festival and ahead of Brasilian and European tour dates – offering a taste of material from his much-anticipated new album.

Gallie’s shows are like no other, he has the capacity to reach a large audience on a one-to-one level and make a large room seem like an intimate venue, due to the warmth that he brings through his songs and story-telling. The stories are sometimes comical, sometimes tragic but the delivery is always from the heart.

Gallie’s original songs contribute his own colour to a significantly rich canvas that echo the influences of Van Morrison and Neil Young. The character and emotion bestowed upon a generation of songwriters, at the hands of a 1970s Dublin childhood, is transcribed into song by this Irish born singer/songwriter/guitarist, who now calls Victoria’s coastal town of Ocean Grove home. He is joined in Fremantle by guitarist Paddy Montgomery.

His music traverses Folk and Americana and has caught the attention of legends of the music industry. In 2012 Gallie was voted by Tom Waits as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. WA’s own Stephen Pigram recorded Gallie’s song ‘Look Away (Walking Blues)’ on his 2013 album ‘Wanderer’.

WA Tour Dates

Friday 14 September – Fremantle Workers Club  on 14 September

Saturday 15 September – Henderson & Hwang, 30210 Albany Hwy, Kendenup

Sunday 16 September – Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant, 81 Hampton st, Bridgetown


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