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Matej Perunicic and Jack Whiter in Craig Lord-Sole's work Presley Suite as part of Genesis 2019. Photo by Sergey Pevnev
Matej Perunicic and Jack Whiter in Craig Lord-Sole's work Presley Suite as part of Genesis 2019. Photo by Sergey Pevnev
Genesis, WA Ballet Company
West Australian Ballet Centre, 134 Whatley Crescent, Maylands
After having the opportunity to review ‘La Bayadere’ a little while back at His Majesty’s Theatre, The WA Ballet Company extended an invitation to me to check out their latest showing’s opening night of ‘Genesis’. Genesis is the performers from the WA Ballet Company performing from the heart as the dancers of West Australian Ballet showcase their choreographic flair and exceptional skill in their unique mini-season of short works. 
I again feel like I do not want to give away too much about what I saw. I will be vague – what I want to sell to the people out there is that this is a show for everybody. I want to explain how the proceedings made me feel as I watched it take place. There were several short acts throughout the hour long show, and they made me feel emotions from both sides of the spectrum. Joy and sadness. This is a show that I recommend anybody out there to come check out, if not to just see some of the fittest bodies you’ll ever see, but for the artistry and storytelling that took place – it’s captivating. You may sit there and watch the routines take place and see dancing, but it is so much more than that.
As I sat there I felt as if it made me a better person by being there – and I felt mesmerised to the point where it let me relax my mind and really think about my life. I was paying attention the whole time but at the same time it made me feel life on a deeper level. Perhaps it is hard to explain but this is something that I wanted to express to you, the reader. Dance is such an under rated art form. This is coming from a man that has never really sunk his teeth into it, but along with La Bayadere, Genesis helped me gain more understanding about why the art of dance is so special.I’ll be vague as I want the reader to go to this show. I will speak of some highlights that I saw.

These young dancers are just tremendous at what they do. To evoke emotions from yours truly, a mere novice to this world was something that was a little confronting for me.

I have to admit, after I wrote the last sentence, I had a complete mental block for a few days. Writers block. I have no idea why. I thought perhaps it was because I didn’t know what to say, so I apologise, this is my best effort I can muster.

I’d like to give props to the dancers for the first showing, titled ‘P’. That really got things going! I enjoyed the chemistry between the male and female leads, if that’s how you describe them. It’s admirable seeing the trust they enlist in one another. I kind of hate them all for how fit they are, it just makes me feel atrocious!

‘When the Bough Breaks’ by Kirsty Clarke was my second favorite routine of the night and I wanted to give her props for the choreography. Each dance told a story, some story that I was unable to figure out as a novice, but others I could understand.

The last thing I want to speak of was the final routine of the proceedings, ‘Presley Suite’ by Craig-Lorde-Sole. The routine that took place between the two male dancers during ‘Love Me Tender’ hit me right in the chest. I don’t know if it’s because the song itself wrecks my soul, but the mix of the song and dance these two had together upset me, in a good way. I couldn’t believe a dance routine was making me teary eyed! Many props to the performers. You got me.


To all the performers, you were absolutely brilliant. Special mentions will go to the following: Adam Alzaim; tremendous. Melissa Bonface, you’re a character and a hell of a talent. Matej Perunicic and Jack Whiter; you two struck a nerve with me somewhere! Asja Petrovski was a star, and Glenda Gomez absolutely lit up the room! Watching your routines made me feel like a better person and I really strongly suggest anyone reading this go check it out. Unfortunately my review is late due to my writers block, but it is going on till July 6th! Or furthermore, keep an eye on whats coming next and check it out because the WA Ballet team are a diamond standard in local entertainment.

The next shows are:
Friday 5 July, 7:30pm
Saturday 6 July, 3:00pm
Saturday 6 July, 7:30pm

And more information can be found here:

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Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev



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