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Among Them

Among Them are a melodic hardcore band from Perth who formed when their members met back in high school through a mutual love of music. They’ve come a long way since their self recorded 2014 demo and are hitting the ground running in 2019 with a show in support of the one year anniversary of their first full-length album and a soon to be announced show with a national act. Tahnee Graham had a chat with their bass player Oakie about the band and what they’ve got coming up.

For anyone that hasn’t heard you guys before, how would you describe your sound?
That’s something we have always had problems with but we describe ourselves as progressive melodic hardcore haha it’s a big title. The really cool thing about our band is all of us have very different influences that we bring together which is why our whole sound is really diverse.

You’re about to celebrate the one year anniversary of your album ‘Coming and Going’ with a show at 459 on March 9th. What can we expect from this show?
We booked this one ourselves with a pretty sick lineup of ‘End It All’, ‘Old Devil’ and ‘Worlds Apart’. It’s so good to have other Perth bands who are like minded, jump on board and trust that we can organise and promote this show effectively. We’re not going to be playing the whole album but we have a couple of covers included in the set.

Coming and Going is the first full length you’ve recorded, how was that process for you?
It was mainly written by our guitarist Ethan. He has a super crazy sleep schedule so he’d be up writing, show it to us so we could give feedback then we’d jam it out and see how it worked. We went into the studio at the end of 2016, spent 2-3 weeks recording with Cody Brooks who mixed and mastered it as well. Ethan is at WAAPA studying music composition so he was very specific about what he wanted, I think we went through like 20 revisions of mixing and mastering but Cody was really good about it.

How was the record received?
The album has over 65,000 streams on Spotify and the video for ‘Meaning’ has over 50,000 views. We had a lot of exposure nationally and internationally in comparison to locally, we sort of had an immediate reach which is really cool but that also means we now have to put the work in at home so we can get bigger and head to those place.

How do you think the Perth scene is right now to cater that goal?
Something that could be more improved on is everyone supporting everyone and being open, try to make it down to shows so bands can make more money to make more music and tour. The underage scene doesn’t really exist either, there’s Vision Studios which is sick and we’ve played a few shows there but I think the main thing is just getting it known. HQ was known as THE SPOT so if Vision is the new thing we need to start making that known and have an event on every Friday or something.


What’s planned for the rest of 2019?
We have a show lined up with a national touring band which should be announced in the next couple of weeks then we’re just going to start writing new music. C&G has been out for a year and we’ve been playing those songs for a while so it’s time for us to do something new.

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