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From 1995 till 2011, Melodic Death Metal act Pathogen were at the forefront of the metal scene here in Perth. Their ability to combine intricate and epic melodies with powerful groove sections and rich acoustic passages developed Pathogens’ unique style – which is often described as an mixture melodic deathmetal bands like In Flames or Opeth, as well more groove orientated bands like Pantera or Carcass. They had 15 solid years of brutality under their belt before they decided to hang it up for good 8 years ago. They stayed friends and had always considered a once-off show. I spoke to Pathogen guitarist Aidan Barton and this is what he had to say.

“We were originally planning to organise our own gig. Slayfest gave us the opportunity to play a bigger show whilst leaving all the promotion and logistics in hands more capable than ours. Having been part of the original Slayfest in 2007, it seemed most fitting to reunite at Slayfest 2019.”

Fitting indeed, it seems like a great occasion for them to get back out there. I prodded Aidan on why Pathogen broke up in the first place.

“We’ve all been in bands since we were naive teenagers, back then music was all that really mattered to us but along the way we had to also grow up, find jobs and take on other responsibilities for ourselves and our loved ones.  Music is a fickle industry that will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. To push your band properly requires almost constant touring, writing and recording. If you’re fortunate enough to make money then at least you can sustain yourself for a while, if you have a family then you have to be prepared to be away from them for extended periods of time. It’s not an easy lifestyle and when I gave up playing music it gave me the opportunity to focus on my career and plan for my future. We had some amazing times and made some great memories that will last a lifetime but it was never something that could last forever.”

On this occasion they plan to perform their 2005 full length release ‘Bloodline’ from start to finish.

“I honestly thought we would quickly fade into obscurity when we split up but our albums continued to sell for years after we quit.” He said. “Surprisingly in more recently years we’ve had many requests from fans to do a reunion show and if our rehearsals are anything to go by, they can expect the best damn Pathogen show ever – with perhaps the greatest line-up we’ve ever had. There’s no pressure to go anywhere from here and we’re just happy to be able to perform with each other again.”


For the fans of Pathogen, this must be an exciting opportunity to see them again and see the boys tear it up for one last set. Closure is an important part of anybodys lives – It’s a finality, and they have already had that. For one to be able to have an important part of their musical journey end on their terms is a gift to behold.  Come March 23rd at Slayfest, Pathogen can simply focus on going out there and having fun.

Event info
Pathogen play Slayfest at Amplifier Capitol on 23 March

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