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Turtle Bay Television
Turtle Bay Television, photo by Bridget Turner

The brains behind the seven-piece alt-stoner nerd-pop outfit, Turtle Bay Television, Thomas Cockram, was, of course, more than happy to let Around The Sound know about his band’s music and launch on the 22 May at the Bird.

“Comforting”, “Velcro” and “ripping” is how Cockram described the band, currently making their mark on the Perth music scene with their vibes of funky alt/indie music. Seven years ago the band started as a Foals inspired piece, but has since grown to become an emotional outlet for all seven members where they explore themes of mental health and their victories against it.

“As such, we tend to play pretty cathartic tunes and try to reflect that in the live experience,” Cockram said.

Persistence is a key to cracking into the Perth music scene.  Starting as Rock Scholars in their teens teens, playing with bands like Sly Withers and Segue four years ago, playing gigs at YMCA HQ in Leederville, they progressed to playing mid-week shows at over 18s venues once they all came of age.

“When we began releasing EPs, we started getting a bit more recognition, which has made it easier to start jumping on line ups with bigger names. That’s been pretty humbling given a lot of them were bands we looked up to from the start like Simone & Girlfunkle and Shy Panther.”

Inspired by the likes of St. Vincent, The National, Vampire Weekend, Sonic Youth, Wilco and Spoon, Turtle Bay Television are drawn to bands that push the boundaries of indie pop and rock but still stay within the genre. This is also reflected in the songs and the process of writing them.

Starting with an idea, Cockram will then take one of two ways to create a song, by either recording the base of the track himself and later bringing it to the band to create it into a live performance, or coming to the band with the idea and they flesh it out together to make a masterpiece.

“The album we’re working on at the moment is going to be about a 60/40 mix of those approaches, respectively.”

Turtle Bay Television are releasing new music this Wednesday night at The Bird, doors open at 8 and tickets are only $5. Pot Plant House Party, Peppermint Showers and Crabbe & Ferret DJs are supporting and it sounds like it will be quite the party. After the launch we should be able to hear album bells tolling, as the crew of seven continues to pump out excellent tunes.

When the question of where will you be in five years time was asked, Cockram wasn’t too sure what the future holds for Turtle Bay Television.

“That’s a hard one. I feel like we’ve carved out our own little niche in Perth by playing post-punk music inflected with the almost ‘uncool’ sincerity of bands like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. And, though it’s not a sound that’s super ‘in’ at the moment, it’s what we like playing and recording. As long as that keeps resonating with at least a few people (apart from those of us in the band), I’ll be happy with wherever that direction takes us.”

My prediction.  Turtle Bay Television are a band that will continue to make waves in Perth and, very soon, across Australia.  Make sure you get switched on to Turtle Bay Television soon!

In the mean time make sure you check them out at their launch this week or keep up to date with their gigs on their socials.

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