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Ice Cream Factory, 29/12/2019

29 December
Photos by Adrian Thomson

As I have stated and bragged about in previous reviews, I have covered so many different genres of music and artforms this year it’s been incredible. There was only one style of music performance that I had not had the chance to cover in 2019 and that was to review a DJ. I don’t know much about this kind of thing but I really wanted to try learn. The opportunity arose to review Girl Talk at Ice Cream Factory in Northbridge and I jumped at it. You know what? I was pretty excited to take in the experience.

Upon entry into the Icecream Factory I have to admit I couldn’t have been more impressed. Recently I have had a bit to say about different venues of these big shows and the way they don’t focus on convenience for the patrons. They had a great amount of bars and enough staff to cover the amount of people there. So far – Ice Cream Factory is absolutely 10/10.

I had arrived by 7pm so I checked out a bit of NDORSE at the Tower Stage. He had a live horn section with him for the set, and played bangers from start to end. He created a great atmosphere and got everybody dancing, top notch! He performs around Perth quite a lot so you should check him out sometime –

At 8pm I headed to the Factory Stage and it is one massive area. This really is the coolest venue. Nyxen was up at 8pm on this stage and she’s an interesting performer. Equipped with a guitar with her beautiful live vocals, she created a very good atmosphere in the Factory. Her music had many lighting up the dance floor. I don’t know what else to say other than if you enjoy Electronic music you should definitely check this lady’s stuff out.

Midnight Juggernauts from Melbourne then took over the Tower Stage at 9pm for an enjoyable DJ set. They kept this party rolling as expected, and the venue was filling up nicely with people dancing wall to wall. There was only a little bit of trouble here and there, security did a really good job and weren’t overbearing at all. As their set drew to a close, and the rain spit lightly, the wild energy and vibe really started to change to that of anticipation.

The moment that Greg of Girl Talk stormed out, surrounded by a mass amount of fans on the stage – I knew it was ON. There was toilet paper flying through the air, as well as copious amounts of confetti – the blasting of his intense style of mash-up glitch, plunderphonic hip hop was just amazing to see unfold before my eyes. What a vibe!

It is really hard to explain to you, the reader, what music was playing when – because this is some manic stuff! The man is clearly a master of his art, which is quite obvious to me is extremely difficult. This crazy music of his, mixed with the gusto of his on stage performance was pretty inspiring to not only me, but everybody around me.

A friend then told me to follow him and his entourage. So, I did. I assumed we were just going to another spot in the crowd and the next thing I know I am on stage with him and all these crazy fans dancing to Girl Talk. I have to laugh, I am covering this show for the magazine and I actually got to experience this show in the most incredible way. It was so much fun.

Eventually I tapped out and headed back out to the crowd to see the end of the show, and his mash up with Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You Been Gone’ went OFF. I don’t remember much more after that other than this massive ovation from the audience when the set was over – Greg showed his gratitude and thanked everybody for being there. It was a real eye opening performance and if he ever comes back I am 100% going to be there again.

Thank you again to the Ice Cream Factory for such a great evening. You really are basing the experience for your patrons on convenience. You are going that extra mile that a lot of places/venues/companies do not. I just want to hammer that home, that by making this experience so wonderful and exciting with flying foxes and all the cool bars and clean toilets, you make me want to come back again and again!

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