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Good Grace
Good Grace

Following the release of their debut self-titled EP in March of this year, Perth band Good Grace come out with their most sincere single to date, ‘Outgrowing You’. Songwriter Johannah Grace deals in raw, evocative story telling from the heart with this recount of love, loss and healing in friendship. 

“This was one of those songs that just kind of wrote itself,” said Grace. “Sometimes you have a song that you can labor over for months or even years, but every now and then you experience a wave of something that takes you over. Before you know it you’ve gone from mumbling a few indecipherable words to yourself, to having a fully written song scratched down onto a piece of paper in front of you. This song was very unexpected for me and came about years after I thought I had already processed the emotions involved in losing this friendship. I think writing ‘Outgrowing You’ marked the final destination in my healing process.”  

Drawing from sounds of the 80’s, Good Grace set out to create a sense of nostalgia when listening to their newest track, whilst still sticking to their folk roots. 

“When it came to recording and production, I knew I wanted it to still feel like a folk song, but for there to also be an underlying 80’s nostalgia in the sounds we chose to use around the rest of the band. This was the first time the band and I got to play around with retro recording equipment and vintage instruments including some funky old synthesisers.

“We really wanted to play on themes from childhood for the promotional material around this release. After stumbling upon some old photos of my brothers and I, I came up with the idea for a photo series that we could trickle out leading up to the release of the single. The boys (from the band) and I each chose a photo from our childhood photo albums to recreate as our adult selves. The single cover is inspired by lyrics from the first and third verse ‘Sit in the bathroom sink, just to hear myself think…’ and ‘You were a princess and I was one too’. Altogether this song is about love and loss but also healing and forgiveness. So we’ve tried to incorporate a sense of light-heartedness to counteract some of the darker themes in the lyrics.”

Good Grace will launch their project on September 5th at Mojos Bar in Fremantle. Teaming up with acclaimed local act Joan & The Giants for their double single launch ‘OVERGROWN’ before taking the show on it’s first regional tour.  


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