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15 March

Photos by Julian Neil

Another challenge accepted on my behalf, this is my attempt at reviewing a show of a genre of music that I am uncomfortable covering, but again – I want to learn about different artforms and after witnessing the End Of Summer Edition of Habitat Garden Party, I came a little bit closer to that understanding.

Miss Holding was on the decks at doors open and myself and ATS photographer Julian were the first people through the door! The day started off nicely as she cranked some low key chill vibes before it built stronger toward the end. She’s a cool cat, and she started off the proceedings well.

Jaydream was up next and started to pump shit up pronto. She had great energy and was fun to watch do her thing. There still weren’t too many people in the venue yet which didn’t phase her one iota! That was probably the biggest shame of the event, that more people weren’t there to see her do her thang.

Laura King hit the stage at 4pm and started livening the show up with some mean beats and more up tempo dance music. The crowd started to pour in at this point and her style certainly got them moving! Laura King is a star, she’s got such swagger about her and she’s cool as hell and looked very pretty in pink! She cranked that shit 2 hours straight and didn’t relent on her energy the whole time.

Julia Fox took over next and by took over i mean TOOK OVER. The tempo totally cranked harder at this point and it was an obvious change when you saw the intensity of the crowd multiply tenfold. This really was tremendous. She much like Laura King is a star, she’s relentless with her energy and keeps the party going just as you would hope.


Nina Kraviz will put you into a hypnotic trance. She was the heartbeat of the nights proceedings, ever so intricate in her transitions, the club was vibing hard on her antics. The power and the fury of her relentless assault was unmatched by everybody that proceeded her. It was the apex of the evening and the final gathering of people before the virus related bans took place. A last hurrah as you might say and Nina did a great job in sending us off to our isolation with style.

Habitat Garden Party did a really spot on job organising this event and they should certainly be proud of their efforts. The Court was great too, I was really impressed with the Bar Staff and the Security throughout the evening, but dang, they need to have a few cheaper beer options on the menu as a cheapest pint being $11 was a bit of a jip! Maybe I’m just a tight arse. Either way, it was a spectacular show and it sent me and everybody else off to god knows how many months of boredom in style.

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