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Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron teams up with local photographer and Instagram sensation Jack Stafford on epic new Skype video for latest single ‘Backsliding’

If isolation has taught us one thing, it’s that great restrictions can often lead to even greater creative breakthroughs. This couldn’t be more accurate than with the latest lightbulb moment from Australian photographer and Insta-rising sensation Jack Stafford aka @re._stacks, who has teamed up with beloved Melbourne artist Hannah Cameron for a wildly original music video celebrating her latest indie-folk crooner ‘Backsliding’.

Premiered by Cool Accidents last week, the music video is a joint creative effort between Cameron and Stafford, who took on inevitable co-directing roles, helping one another frame and shoot the clip entirely via Skype with Hannah’s laptop. Shot in just under two hours and edited by local filmmaker, Michael Roberts (@nomousego), the video is a stunning documentation of a thriving creative spirit through unprecedented times, and acts as the perfect antidote to the poignant nostalgia of ‘Backsliding’.

“For me this music vid serves as a pretty amazing example of the strength and supportiveness of our creative community during this strange time. Jack introduced himself via Instagram after watching my Isolaid set a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to be a part of his Skype portraits series (so thanks Isolaid – this wouldn’t have happened without you!).

After shooting the portrait we got talking about my single. He asked if I’d be interested in him trying to come up with some video content. Initially, he was going to play around with stock footage but then he decided to try shooting via Skype and to our delight it totally worked.


I really love creating with limitations. It’s how I write and I think it always leads you to interesting places that you’d never have found if you had unlimited resources and options at your disposal. We got to create this thing using a computer screen and Jack’s camera and it was just a really fun, creative two hours.” – Hannah Cameron

Ever the creative chameleon, Jack Stafford started adapting his creative process the minute social distancing measures were enforced, taking his usual on set site-specific photography to the virtual space of the internet. Having shot over 120 artists in his ongoing Skype portrait series including Middle Kids, Ali Barter, WAAX, CXLOE, Cub Sport, Kate Miller-Heidke, Odette and stacks more, Stafford has built a cult following and the latest Hannah Cameron video may very well be the first of its kind.

“I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to execute this the way I have been, it’s nice to find new ways to stay creating – maybe Skype music videos will take off!” – Jack Stafford

‘Backsliding’ is out now via AWAL
Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes / Bandcamp

‘Backsliding’ Credits:
Music and lyrics by Hannah Cameron
Produced/mixed by Matt Redlich
Mastered by Lachlan Carrick 
Instrumentalists: Leigh Fisher (drums), Luke Hodgson (bass), Mike Panton (guitar), Hannah Cameron (baritone guitar), James Gilligan (violin)

Video Credits:
Shot and Directed Jack Stafford and Hannah Cameron via Skype
Edited by Michael Robert

More info on Jack Stafford aka @re._stacks on his Instagram

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