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Scarlet Drive
Scarlet Drive

Inspired by acts such as Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers, it is no surprise that Perth trio Scarlet Drive have a sound as sizzling as they do.

In their own words, Scarlet Drive describe themselves as “an alternative rock band fusing the best bits of funk, punk and reggae to serve up a spicy dish of angsty nostalgia”.

The group consists of Michael ‘Milli’ Millimaci, the band’s “precious curly haired front man” on vocals and guitar, Michael ‘Barry’ Madafferi, “the shredder” on lead guitar and Maddey Eccleston, their “little pocket rocket” on bass.

How did Scarlet Drive come to be, you ask? Milli and Barry have known each other since high school. Upon attending a music gig on a drunken night out, they spontaneously decided they would start their own band. Maddey was the final ingredient added into the mix after Barry met her during his music studies. That was just over two years ago and since then, Scarlet Drive have been cooking up a storm.

When it comes to writing songs, it’s a team effort that results in too many ideas and not enough time to get them down fast enough.

“Usually someone pitches an idea, the others add their unique flavours, and we wrap it all together in one spicy burrito served fresh at our next show,” says Maddey.

When Scarlet Drive aren’t busy whipping up tasty music, Barry tends to the fruit and veg at his local supermarket, Milli juggles his studies with his three jobs and Maddey takes it easy with Netflix binge-sessions after tearing a ligament in her knee playing soccer recently. The trio also have a shared passion for eating too much Nando’s.

Give them a listen if you enjoy bands such as Sticky Fingers, Tired Lion and Twenty One Pilots. My advice? Have some guacamole or sour cream handy. You’re going to need it with all that heat.

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