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Hed PE – Rosemount Hotel
26 June
Photos by Caris Morcombe

Last Wednesday Night I headed down to the Rosemount Hotel to check out a night of Metal, Rock, Reggae, Gangsta Rap, and Trap. With a blend of many genres, it all fit together masterfully. HED PE have been around the world for 25 years now, having released 11 studio albums and 5 EPs in that time, they defy genres; as they mesh so many together, and have truly crafted a sound of their own. It was time for that sound to come right back down under and we weren’t disappointed.

The Metal part of the evening was handed to us by local legends Tempest Rising, fresh off their return from their recent European tour. There’s a reason Tempest are more often than not gaining these support slots, because they maximize their minutes. They made fans that night, with their on stage onslaught from start to finish. I overheard patrons in the building who had never heard of them or seen them before be made believers. “Mate, they were bloody good” one bloke exclaimed. That’s how you do it boys.

Nonpoint came bellowing out next with an energetic set of their brand of Hard Rock Music mixed with a bit of Nu Metal. An early highlight was their 2018 Single, ‘Chaos and Earthquakes’, and they had the house a-rockin’. Vocalist¬†Elias Soriano was performing like a man in the prime of his career. ‘Dodge Your Destiny’ was another highlight of the set, the band being pretty lively from go to woe. It’s really great to see a band as passionate as they were 22 years into their career playing to the audience as if they were as hungry for success and thirsty to steal the show as they would be 2 years in. A later highlight was the popular ‘Bullet With A Name’, a real solid tune and one of their highest charting from back in ’05. Jahred from HED PE was right in his interview with me, Nonpoint being added to this tour definitely made this an extra big party.

The ever interesting and wild HED PE hit the stage at around 10:20pm, with the building I would consider to be 3/4 full. A lot of door sales on the evening. HED PE’s fusion of Reggae, Gangsta Rap, Punk, Rock, and Trap is so epic and they just make it work. The girls were dancing, the boys were moshing, just like lead vocalist Jahred Gomes predicted. This had a bit for everybody and it was intense as all hell. ‘Killing Time’ was a huge favorite for the audience, as well as my personal favorite ‘Raise Hell’. They’re just a wild band. Their latest album ‘Stampede’ just dropped on the 21st of June and it sounds great – and they sound great live. Jahred is a brilliant entertainer, he was born to do this. He had the whole audience in the palm of his hand! ‘Bartender’ was a clear special song of the set, and it was eye opener to see how much the room was moving and shaking as the people bopped and moshed like crazy.

Again, it was a thrilling show with all 3 bands being on fire throughout. Tempest warmed us up appropriately, Non-Point upped the ante and HED PE finished us off in style. What a cracking evening.


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