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Grunge-loverrs FLOSSY have just released a new single, Holiday, a song that comes out of the speakers like a breath of fresh air.

“It definitely has a different vibe and message than our previous songs,” says guitarist, Lauren O’Hara. “Which is sort of what we were after. Holiday is that moment you decide not to give in to a mundane and secure life, but to escape into the unknown. Think of yourself jumping into a car with your best friend or lover and driving off into the sunset to god knows where!”

“Classic Thelma And Louise vibes,” vocalist/bassist Sinead O’Hara adds, accurately.

Holiday follows on from FLOSSY’s 2018 EP release, and there’s a real feeling within the band that things have progressed writing and recording-wise. This is in part due to regular collaboration and the finer things in life…

“Sinead and I now get together once a week for writing and wine,” says Lauren. “We show each other what we’ve been working on and then start collaborating. The EP was our first release, and when we started as a band we primarily wrote songs separately because that’s how we were used to working in the past. Now we’ve figured out life.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but we’ve found the most productive way of creating songs and using everyone’s strengths to push these songs to be half decent. I’ve learnt that I tend to write solid verses and Sinead will come up with a killer chorus melody, and that Steve (D’Angelo, drums) will throw in some perfect stops or a tempo change, while Tom (Wilson, lead guitar) creates some beautiful guitar hooks that add colour to the song. The EP was a product of four people figuring each other out as musicians, and as proud as we are of our debut EP, we’re at the stage now where we know how we fit in with each other sonically.”

“Recording has been a learning process too,” Sinead adds. “We know what we want more out of our sessions in the studio now and that makes it sooo much easier and way more fun ‘cos we feel like we’re achieving what we set out to do.”

In terms of what she feels drawn to write about these days, Sinead explains that she has always written to get things out of her head and off her chest, without necessarily having a particular theme in mind for every song.

“I think we have tended to use our own experiences as a base for an idea and then we let the idea grow into whatever it needs to be,” she notes. “However in the last six months or so as we’ve been writing more regularly I think we’ve been relying a little less on that and trying to expand into telling stories of all kinds. Holiday is definitely in a different vain to our previous songs in terms of lyrics. It happened pretty naturally though, and Lauren and I just looked at each other when we jammed the chorus and we were like, ‘Yeah, this is it’.”

The band are heading off on their second East Coast tour shortly, some lessons from the first tour will be taken into this one. Also, they can’t wait.

“I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting away from work and hanging out with my best pals,” says lead guitarist, Tom Wilson. “And going to the other side of the country to play guitar, how cool is that?

“We definitely learnt the value of a healthy diet and that white bread and bananas can’t sustain us forever. I think I nearly got scurvy. That, and learning to pack undies and socks in every crevasse of your gear cases is an essential.”

FLOSSY have had a pretty big time of it since forming in 2016. They’ve steadily become a welcome favourite on all manner of gig line-ups as well as releasing a well-received self-titled EP last April. White bread, bananas and scurvy aside, the aforementioned first national tour stands as a blessed beacon for drummer, D’Angelo, of what lies ahead.

“We got to take our music over east for the first time and spend a week hanging out and partying with each other,” he says. “Not to mention supporting legends like Luca Brasi, Jebediah and Gyroscope as well as heaps of other local and national artists. Now we’re also getting slots on bigger and bigger shows like the upcoming City Limits and St Kilda Festival… the highlights keep coming!”

Badlands’ City Limits festival on March 2 has FLOSSY frothing about seeing and performing alongside some of their favourites.

Sinead: “I cannot wait to play on the same stage as Tropical F**k Storm. Gareth Liddiard is someone I really admire – I think he’s an amazing songwriter. They’re one of my absolute favourite bands.”  Lauren: “I can’t wait to see Glitoris!” D’Angelo: “I’m keen for Abbe May and the ‘Gurge!”

In the meantime, there’s the East Coast jaunt which wraps up with a hometown launch for Holiday at The Bird on February 22 (with the enviable line-up of Oosterbanger, Trolley Boy and Didion’s Bible, $5 at the door). And then

“We’re going to be writing like a million more songs and recording and releasing a couple more singles, touring more, looking at management and in general just getting a bit more serious about it all,” says Sinead. “We’re so ready for a big 2019.”

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