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Hussy Hicks have been travelling around WA for the last two weeks in a run that will bring them to Live At The Backlot: Up Close And Personal tonight, March 1, and the Nannup Music Festival on the weekend.

The tour is in support of the newly released single from their current album, On The Boundaries. As it transpires, Silence Creeping took some writing

“It appears that after 10 years of making albums and 12 years of creating music together almost all of our songs go in a fairly obvious graph,” says Leesa Gentz. “Julez (Parker) writes about social commentary – the way she sees things, but not of personal issues, more external – and almost 100 per cent of my songs are personal, emotional songs.

“Silence Creeping, irrespective of the actual scenario, is quite simply the circle of mental turmoil – when you can’t sleep; when you can’t think about anything else. When your brain just loops and all you can think of is negative thing that gets bigger and bigger. That’s what it’s about – ‘all I want to do is sleep and be human but all I can think about is this turmoil’.”

Melodically the song existed for years before it came to be what it is. Lyrics were written and replaced. It was difficult for Gentz and Parker to finish but has come to the fore as a surprisingly pop-sounding song that they are very happy to perform.

“It’s great,” says Gentz, of playing the song live. “I love this song. I really love singing it and it feels exactly as it should be.”


Hear Silence Creeping and find out more about Hussy Hicks tonight at The Backlot.  Full details and tickets via 

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