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Kundalini Rising just might be the break-out track for Byron based music artist Iluminative.

The rapper, producer and singer-songwriter, has gone from strength to strength with every release yet with this new single and album he’s changed the game.

The new single highlights the amazing capacity of this artist to maintain his rap origins while utilising the elements of other styles and genres to suit his creative vision.  Kundalini Rising contains Iluminative’s trademark impassioned rhymes, and this track, in particular, has an edge to it that’s as daring as it is provocative yet there is an undeniable note of strength and hope surging through the hip-hop beats and the heavy guitars also. It’s thoughtful and inventive music which doesn’t pander to the moment but rather seizes the moment and gestures towards a higher purpose.

Iluminative album cover

A clue can be found in Iluminative’s work when considering his creative process. As Iluminative has said: ‘I like to live my life first, then write about important life experiences and topics, make them universal.

I then find music instrumentals that are great and try to fit my writing into the instrumentals. I play around with melodies and pitch to see what works. At the end of the day, I stick with what works best after experimenting’.

Throughout his ten-year career, Iluminative has featured on mainstream and online radio stations nationwide and across the globe. With four albums and eight mixtapes under his belt, this multi-faceted artist has his sights firmly set on the next level with Kundalini Rising.

When asked about what inspires him Iluminative has said: ‘Health and wellbeing, spirituality, love, sports, gurus, teachers, learning, natural medicines, my wife and son inspire me to be a better relationship person’.

This admirable list is clearly understood in the context of this new single, an assured sense of self-belief and hope is present throughout. Kundalini Rising is well worth checking out, and no doubt Iluminative is about to enter the next phase of his remarkable career.

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