Photo courtesy of Gozzy Rock

Brit/garage/psych-rockers J.F.K took out the 2017 Gozzy Rock Grand Final on the weekend, joined on the podium by runner-up Mitchell Martin and Encouragement Award-winners, Farraday’s Cage.

“It was pretty overwhelming to be honest,” vocalist/guitarist, James Knox, tells ATS. “I don't think any of us even expected to place, so when our name was called out it was a bit of a shock. We were just happy to be there and to be able to go up on stage, rock out and do our thing - to be recognised and commended for that is a really awesome feeling and a big confidence boost.” 

J.F.K, Mitchell Martin and Farraday’s Cage share a $10,000 pool of cash and prizes. Knox knows just how J.F.K will be utilising their winnings.

“I guess we're very lucky that this has come at a really good time for us,” he says. “We'll be launching another single in early October so the RTRFM and AMNplify promo packs will be invaluable. We've also been trying to line up some more studio time for the end of this year, so the 20 hours of recording at SoundLab plus the cash prize will take a whole lot of pressure off the process and also allow us to record even more tracks than we were anticipating. I'm really excited about that; I've got a tonne of material just waiting to be recorded so this is going to really help us kick things into gear.”

Congrats to all who organised, performed at and supported the 30th Anniversary of Gozzy Rock. Music is the winner.

Look out for Around The Sound’s forthcoming E-book for a full interview with J.F.K and more.