Jack Runaway


It’s Jack Runaway. And most certainly not Jack Runway.

 Case in point: the new single, Ready To Know You, was written on a plane to distract the singer/songwriter from his fear of flying.

 “I hate flying!” the AKA also known as Christopher Hoskins exclaims. “It makes me super anxious. This one flight from Perth to Melbourne, was particularly bad, heaps of turbulence. So I wrote a song, well I wrote two: Ready To Know You was the track we were all vibing on in the studio so it’s the first single of a bunch of tracks yet to be released.”

The singer/guitarist notes that Ready To Know You is a love ballad that evokes a raw honesty which echoes throughout his forthcoming second EP.

“The songs to follow will all have that brooding tone,” he explains, “as they are about being okay with the cards you've been dealt, understanding and accepting the mistakes you've made in the past, and most importantly holding your head high and having a positive outlook on the world around you and what lies ahead of you.

"I write about life, everything that life has to offer! All of it! Happiness, sadness, love, loss, living, dying, moving forward or sitting still. But always I approach all of these topics with nothing but understanding and acceptance. As I think we all should."

A February single release is a strong kick-off for the year ahead. The considered, hard work has just begun.

"I plan to just keep on going with this journey," Hoskins states, "creating music I believe in. We have plans for an EP later in the year with a couple more singles first and some great video clips too.

"And we would love to be playing some great gigs with some other excellent artists... so we shall!"

Jack Runaway launches Ready To Know You at The Aardvark on February 2 with quality support from Nika Mo, Good Grace and The Kat Wilson Trio.

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