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Jenny Gaunt

Starting again can be challenging. Courage, patience and a good sense of humour help. This debut solo EP is Jenny Gaunt’s ‘reset button’.

Jenny is a multi-instrumentalist (mostly guitar, keyboard and cello) with a social conscience whose music really “gets you in the feels”. Her songs are personal and authentic, mixing the lighthearted with the melancholy in a perfect yin and yang.

Jenny’s experience touring Europe, Australia and within the West Australian folk scene has well prepared her to step out solo. She mixes a proven love of storytelling with raw feeling to create her new songs.

A road trip to the North of Western Australia led Jenny to write song ‘Complete’, about being connected to a land so red and a sky so blue it takes your breath away. The accompanying music video features footage from this journey.  The first single release was a tribute to West Aussie bushranger, Moondyne Joe, who just wanted to be free. The EP can purchased at or streamed via Spotify

Featuring the talents of Dan Walsh (U.K.) on banjo, Ash Wheeler on double bass, Josie Crosby on bass guitar, Alex Kent on drums, Eunice Hicks on violin and Dami Summers and Daniel Christofferson on electric guitar, this EP is full and rich. Jenny is performing around Perth and the SouthWest during December and January with bandmates (pictured – Ash Wheeler and Emily Verschuer). Keep up to date at

Watch the video Here


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