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Joan & The Giants
Joan & The Giants

Emotionally raw, poetic, fiercely powerful yet ambient, with booming drums and soaring vocals, Joan & The Giants is a perfect mixture of many different sounds, styles and genres, this is what makes them so special. On their new single ‘Wolves’, they display all this and more.

‘Wolves’ is a stunning progression in Joan & The Giants’ song writing and production. It contains a beautifully evocative melody delivered perfectly by Newton-Wordsworth and surrounded by lush, almost orchestral sounds and driving beats. Wow! This is music made for big festival stages.

Joan & The Giants was formed in February 2019 by vocalist Grace Newton-Wordsworth, guitarist Aaron Birch and drummer Riley Sutton. They hit the ground running releasing their debut single ‘Hold Me’ on 4 March. The single was received well by listeners, reviewers, and radio, receiving airplay on triple j, 94.5 FM and RTRFM. The track was also a nominee in 2019’s WAM Song of the Year awards for ‘Best Song of the Year’.

Joan & The Giants second release ‘Cruel’ (released 6 May) also saw them receive praise and radio airplay, peaking at #9 in the Amrap metro charts and #4 in the Amrap regional charts around Australia. The band were the main support act for ‘Odette’ on the WA leg of her 2019, ‘Lotus Eaters’ Tour, playing at Jack Rabbit Slims and Freo.Social.

Grace was also featured on dynamic electronic duo ‘Feels’ single ‘Circles’ (released 21 June), and performed with them at GTM Bunbury.

After touring regional WA three times since the release of ‘Hold Me’s, most recently playing 16 dates throughout the Kimberley in July, Joan & The Giants are back and set to drop their most entrancing, lyrically poetic and experimental song yet.


‘Wolves’ is the bands third single, set for release on 26 August, 2019. It will be their last single before their debut EP is released in November and it is the perfect midway point to what has so far been a very productive first year.

Joan & The Giants have had an excellent year so far, with triple j and commercial radio play, being the main support act on a major Australia tour with Odette, getting nationwide community radio airplay and going on three WA headline tours of their own. As to what the future holds, Joan & The Giants will be releasing their debut EP in mid November. The band plans to embark on a national EP tour, visiting Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and regional WA before the year is up. Already locked in for 2020 festivals like Nannup Festival, there will be no slowing down from these Giants.

Speaking about all things Joan & The Giants, Grace Newton-Wordsworth told Around The Sound, “A lady once asked me who is the most important person in your life? I said the obvious answer – ‘I don’t have one particular person, I love my family, my partner, my friends, my pets’ etc. I then asked her the same question – who is the most important person in your life? She looked at me quite intensely, and said, ‘You are’. I was so surprised, as I didn’t know this woman very well. She said, ‘You are the most important person in my life, because I am talking to you right now, in the present, and I want to give you my full self.’ 

“This was a big awakening for me, as it changed my whole perspective. It made me aware of how I treat every person who walks in and out of my life on a daily basis. It might be how I treat the the guy behind the till at my local grocery store who has come all the way from Northern India and studies at Murdoch, it might be how I greet the woman behind the bar at Mojos who also happens to be an incredible music producer, it might be checking in on my best friend who has just started a marshmallow business, or saying hello to a stranger I accidentally bump into on the train who plays didgeridoo and has traveled the world with his music. Every person is important, and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. 

“I understand the harsh realities of this world. I understand what it feels like to be excluded and pushed aside. I understand what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. I understand how it feels to be sexually harassed in the workplace. I understand what it feels like to think that you’re completely alone, even when you know that there are people who love you. I could go on and on, and I am sure you could too. We as humans, all go through so many positive and negative experiences in this life, which is why it’s so important to be kind to one another. 

“I use music as a way of healing from these experiences, by pouring my emotions into a song. If someone can listen to our music, and feel that same sense of healing that we get from it, as a band that is all we could ask for.”

The two key members of Joan & The Giants, Newton-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch, Guitar and co-songwriter, recently spent time touring in the north of Western Australia, where Birch, a Kimberley man, also got to return home for a while.

“We loved our trip up the coast and throughout the Kimberley,” said Newton-Wordsworth. “It was so special to unplug from the city for a month and soak up each day, we were living on what the locals call ‘Broome time’. It was a great opportunity to clear our heads and write some new music. We spent a lot of time with Aaron’s family who live in a small community out of Broome called Beagle Bay. We managed to take the whole band out there and perform for Sacred Heart school. We ran some music and drama workshops with the kids, and celebrated NAIDOC week with them, which was very special.

“Playing Broome Convention Centre was definitely a highlight from the tour as we had the full band, and local support acts ‘Crazy but Not’, ‘Kevin Birch’ and ‘Chica’. We drove up to Wyndham and Kununurra for a couple of shows too, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives so far. The country takes your breath away – going up to Lake Argyle and playing a show at El Questro is something we must do again next year hopefully. We also had the opportunity to drive in the bush out of Wyndham and see traditional cave paintings, eat the fruit from the boab tree and hear stories about the land, and the traditional people which has had a big impact on us. It was a life-changing tour to be honest.”

Getting onto the new single, ‘Wolves’, Newton-Wordsworth, told us, “‘Wolves’ has a dark and haunting underlying tone, layered with a sense of hope. This song was written at a challenging time in our lives, a time filled with toxicity and suffocating relationships. We wrote Wolves as a way of healing, and as a way of freeing ourselves from this emotionally abusive place. Our main hope for this song is that it brings that same sense of healing to whoever listens to it.”

“We wanted to be experimental, added Birch, “with the use of samples in the song, you can hear wolves howling throughout the track, there’s hurricane wind sounds and other ghostly noises. We really wanted to push the boundaries and challenge our creativity. I think we’ve ended up with a very artistic piece of songwriting.”

‘Wolves’ is a stunning progression in Joan & The Giants’ song writing and production. It contains a beautifully evocative melody delivered perfectly by Newton-Wordsworth and surrounded by lush, almost orchestral sounds and driving beats. Wow! This is music made for big festival stages.

Joan & The Giants launch ‘Wolves’ at Mojos Bar on 5 September with good buddies Good Grace. More information here.

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