Amberdown are an Alternative Rock Band formed in Perth, Western Australia in 2013. After seeing some early success with band competitions, along with an East Coast Tour, opening for Alice Cooper and Motley Crue in 2015, and playing Hard Rock in Vegas and the Whiskey a Go Go in LA, they looked to have some momentum.

After a solid two years off vocalist Dan Connell said the band’s journey to this point has been “a journey through hell.”

“Our music has been influenced by our outlook on world issues and its evolution past and beyond the point of tolerance and understanding into the ridiculous. The world is crazy.” said Connell.

“The music on the new album was the outlet for my anger, and the lyrics were like therapy during my recovery process, after a breakdown of a long-term relationship.”

On Friday, 22 March Amberdown are hosting an Album Preview Party at the Rosemount Hotel’s Bar Four5Nine, with support from Blindspot and The Midnight Revolver.  I asked what it is we can all expect as the album comes after some delay after Connell broke his leg. This along with some lineup changes really put a dent in their plans.

The band’s manager, Melanie Scrafton, had this to say:

“Falling off a second story roof is not something we recommend, it’s taken nearly six months to recover and Dan still has a way to go. We can’t pretend it wasn’t a setback but hopefully it’s a part of our colourful history now and won’t affect our present. Dan used his time off to write some great new music including some pretty real lyrics - music therapy!

“We are playing some crowd pleasers from our previous work. There will be previews of a few new tracks that are featured on the new release, a couple of acoustic tracks with a guest vocalist and a surprise cover, which we are including on the album. It’s taken 4 years to complete and that’s simply because we have changed up our line up. We have a solid crew now so we can start moving forward again.”

I was curious as to what Amberdown feel about themselves and their future.

“Seriously, we are making music we want to hear and we hope our audience likes it,” said Connell, “but that’s not our priority - it’s about us doing something authentic that we are proud of. We want to sound raw, drawing inspiration from many genres we are into. We intend to release our new album, we will gauge how it’s received and work out where we go from there. We have been off the scene for a while and we need to reconnect with our audience and lift our profile locally and nationally. After that, who knows?”

Event info
Amberdown play The Rosemount Hotel 's Bar 459 on 22 March.

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