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Special Guest Reviewer: Christian Mechler (Mt. Cleverest)
Photos by Julian Neil

I could feel the energy in Metro City as soon as I walked in the room. Lil Jaye was on stage leading the crowd in a JUIIICEEWOOORRRRLLDDD!! JUIIICCEEEWOOORRRLLLD!! chant. He didn’t disappoint and held his own as a performer and a support act, hyping up the crowd and setting the scene for the rest of the night.

As a relatively new Melbourne rapper it would be hard to play a show to a Perth crowd to which you are somewhat unknown but Lil Jaye is a true professional. He played a real solid set and represented for his city no doubt winning over new fans in the process. It reminded me of Manu Crooks supporting Stormzy a couple years ago. I can see him doing just as well as Manu or Kwame in the new wave scene in the near future. Check out his recent cypher with AUD$ below.

I don’t want to gas the kid too much but The Kid Laroi is nothing short of an Australian Icon! This was the first time he’s ever been to Perth and he was welcomed with screams of adoration and open arms. Before he started his set he demanded that the crowd split to make a mosh pit and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand from that moment on. Kicking his set off with ‘Blessings’ he immediately showed why he’s a major force to be reckoned with in the Australian rap scene. It seemed that no one was sleeping on this 15-year-old and for good reason. I was really blown away by his set.

He played a tonne of unreleased bangers which coupled with his hype-man stage presence and Drake-like finesse with the mic went down an absolute treat. His crowd engagement was next level and gave me the impression of an artist way beyond his 15 years. The crowd was feeding off his energy and sending it straight back to him moshing like he was the headline.

He pulled one fan on stage with him to the song ‘Winning’, who proceeded to make the most of his time on stage doing a backflip and singing the rest of the track with THE KID, Alex from Glasto style. After this huge track he handed out water bottles to the crowd making sure that everyone was all good, only to get the crowd to throw the water on everyone at the next drop providing sweet relief from the sweaty mosh.

The Kid Laroi has already mastered his craft outperforming any kid his age. Ever. He had total connection with the crowd from the moment he stepped on till he walked off. I see big things in The Kid Laroi’s future. With that setlist and that much talent at such a young age there is no reason he can’t conquer every city in the world the exact same way he conquered Perth. If you weren’t a Kid Laroi fan before his set you sure were by the end of it.

If you don’t know who The Kid Laroi is he’s without a doubt the next Australian to blow and will be a household name in no time. Listen to his song ‘Blessings’ below:

If I had to describe JuiceWRLD’s set in three words. I would say energy, energy, ENERGY!!! Juice World is the future of this Emo Trap thing. His live set was what you would expect from a top tier, world class artist and felt more like a movie than a live show.

You could instantly feel the energy lift again as soon as he graced the stage and his set was nothing short of wild. With crazy visuals on a jumbo-sized backdrop you knew the main event was well underway.

With a live band consisting of guitar, bass, drums and keys they were nothing short of phenomenal, fusing trap drums with grungy guitars effortlessly.

If you don’t know of JuiceWRLD then you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say that he is extremely underrated. In my opinion he is one of the biggest voices of the next generation. He’s a tremendous singer as well as an exceptional rapper and I feel like he connects to the younger generation like not many people can. His sad songs are extremely heart felt and you can feel the emotion in his voice on every track but then he also has the ability to really turn up and create a crazy energy in the room that you won’t forget anytime soon. JuiceWRLD’s on stage presence is remarkable and either Perth is the craziest city in the world, or he is a master at getting the people going. His on-stage energy fed the already wild crowd with a mosh pit breaking out in almost every song towards the end of his set. His crowd engagement was awesome and at one stage he got fans to text in what song they wanted him to play next by texting a phone number on the jumbo screen behind him.

He had a bit of assistance in creating this crazy vibe, bringing some of the JuiceWRLD crew on stage with him to help fill the large stage, hype the tracks and make the show feel like a real party. As if that weren’t enough, he pulled up 5 people from the crowd before playing his song with Travis Scott ‘No Bystanders’. The hook “Fuck the club up, Fuck the club up, fuck the club up, fuck the club up” being a definite highlight of the night.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I admired the fact that he payed homage to his peers Ski Mask The Slump God and the late great XXXTentacion by playing ‘Take A Step Back’ but that for me personally that was the highlight of the entire show and it wasn’t his song. I’ll remember that forever. Hands down the craziest I’ve ever seen a crowd in my life.

I personally loved JuiceWRLD’s entire set, one of the most high energy shows I’ve seen all year and even though we lost lil Peep and X, JuiceWRLD is carrying the torch keeping this Emo Rap genre very much alive. His live set was very impressive and surpassed any of my previous expectations it felt like he steered into a completely new Trap-Rock-Grunge-Rap genre that feels very angsty and fresh. His Death Race For Love tour is not to be missed. Watch ‘Bandit’ to get hyped below:

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