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The Jungle Giants

Where do I begin? The Jungle Giants were the band I’d run like my life depended on it at Byron’s ‘Splendour In the Grass’ festival to avoid missing their set when I was 15, and although my music taste has grown so vastly wide throughout the years, I still felt like that excited 15 year old when given the opportunity to see their show at Big Top, Luna Park.

The band sold out their Friday show on the 11/10, so I grabbed tickets for the Saturday gig and was on my way. I arrived at the venue and (thankfully) just caught Sydney’s DJ Ali Toohey supplying a much need electronic beat to set the mood.

This was a major teenage-nostalgia moment for me and I’m sure many others in the crowd.

The tour was in celebration of their latest release ‘Heavy Hearted’ – hence the no brainer choice to name it ‘The Heavy Hearted Tour’. The celebration of course was well deserved as the single marks the return of the band, whose last record was ‘Quiet Ferocity’ back in 2017. Funnily enough, as the group made their entrance onto the stage, I was able to hear the opening instrumentals of ‘Quiet Ferocity’ play over the roars of the crowd to jumpstart the evening.

This was a major teenage-nostalgia moment for me and I’m sure many others in the crowd. The variety of youth to the older fans that showed face on Saturday really spoke to me about how dedicated they were throughout the years; I couldn’t help but feel as though we all shared the same excitement and energy during the first song. But it didn’t stop there, ‘She’s A Riot’ followed the hit and for a moment I had to remind myself to keep photographing them when it played, what a legendary banger! 

The Band had infectious energy and fire up on stage – it almost felt as though this show was as much needed to them as it was for us. One moment that stood out to me was when Sam Hale spoke to the crowd and said ‘We’re so happy and excited to be sharing this with you guys, there’s a lot of happy and smiling faces out there’, followed by Sam pointing out ‘the cutest kid ever having the best time’ sitting on his brothers shoulders – the interaction and authenticity of Sam didn’t go unnoticed and really set the bar for a lot of fans present.


Their single ‘Heavy Hearted’ was actually written, produced and recorded by the lead singer Sam Hales and really does tie their 3 albums together from earlier sounds in their 2013, 2015, 2017 albums, whilst adding a fresh new twist… am I seeing a two-year pattern here?

Hearing hits like ‘Got Nothing to Lose’, ‘On Your Way Down’ and ‘You’ve Got Something’ was an unforgettable experience, and for the band to be performing their new hit for the first few times live, the crowd was onto every word like it was their own.

One thing I will say, seeing the Jungle Giants perform on Saturday night was just like riding a bike, you never really forget.

Be sure to check out their new single, and for those who missed out – chuck your headphones on, sit back and relax, because the live show was nothing short of a personal experience.

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