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In the lead up to their single launch for Sitting Alone at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday 1 September, Around The Sound caught up with The Kat Wilson Trio’s Kat Wilson.

It’s pretty rare for people to have to be turned away from venues at local gigs in Perth, but Kat Wilson Trio’s EP launch earlier this year saw people sent home in droves, at least as many as were crammed into The Rosemount’s Bar 459.  As a result, they’ve been promoted to The Rosemount’s main room for their next launch event.

“It was all a bit unexpected, really,” says Wilson of the launch of the band’s first EP, We Are Bored.  “One of our mates even tried to say they were Bob Gordon, just in case his name was on the door, but they got turned away as well. (Don’t try it folks, it doesn’t work these days, too many people know who Bob is!)  It was a bit of chaos, really, but then Perth doesn’t have enough chaos.”

Is that what we can expect in the main room on 1 September?  Wilson’s answer is, “I don’t know.  I just like everything to feel spontaneous.  For me, it’s all about creating feeling in the room, about unity and about connecting people with our songs.  If we can do that, I’ll be happy.  But, yeah, it would be good if people turned up.  Hopefully this time, everyone will be able to get in, but I guess that will add a little bit to our story, if they had to turn people away from the main room this time as well.  We can dream, I suppose.”

“Everyone should come, let’s make this a really big one!”

Wilson says that last part with a gleam of mischief in her eyes.  Part of her wants it to be true and part of her is just so damned nice that she’d be the last person wanting to see anyone not get what they want out of life, much less miss out on one of her band’s gigs.

“I want to change the world.  With my songs and music, I want to make the world a better place.  One person at a time.  There’s nothing sweeter than leaving things better than when you found them, and music is the best way I know of doing that.  I know that sounds …” Wilson searches for the right word, but can’t find it and just tails off.  She’s smiling that smile again, the one that makes you believe she could just do it, change the world through the power of music.  Wilson’s story and career is in it’s early stages, but, who knows?  Why not?

And she’s got some serious backers.  Wilson’s guitar playing is rated as top notch by none other than Joe Satriani and her songwriting is rapidly evolving into the sort of soundscapes that catch your attention and then just hold you in their thrall.  And then there’s the voice.  It’s dreamy and ethereal, it sounds like summer, and Wilson has the lyrical sensibilities to put it to use telling the sort of observational stories that make you feel like she’s singing about and to you.  Her style is kind of intimate, but it looks like she’s destined to share her songs on bigger and bigger stages.  Kat Wilson Trio are an outfit on the move.

“Yes, I’m ambitious,” Wilson says, without a hint of irony.  “If I’m going to change the world, I may as well be playing to 10,000 people as 10.”  And then that smile is back, letting you know she’s serious, but not crazy serious.  With that approach and a growing song book, who’s to say that Kat Wilson Trio won’t make the big time?

Kat Wilson Trio’s new single, Sitting Alone, is launched on Saturday 1 September at the Rosemount Hotel, with support from Grace Armstrong, Roobs and the Washing Line Economy, and Ribs.  Check the Facebook event for more information.


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