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Kav Temperley

Photo credits Damien Crocker

Kav Temperley – 29/8/2020 at The Duke of George

When Paul Stanley performed in Perth as a solo artist, the venue at Burswood Theatre was amassed with KISS fans – as expected.

And when the likes of music royalty Paul McCartney graced the stage at Subiaco Oval, it was all about the Fab Four, given to this day no one is bigger than The Beatles, except god (and no, the writer is not preaching religiously – he just doesn’t want to be denied entry into certain countries).

Similarly, the uber chic and intimate The Duke of George located along the quaint George Street of East Fremantle was packed with fans of Eskimo Joe. 

After all, Fremantle resident Kav Temperley is the front man of an iconic band that have broken several records after scoring 8 ARIA accolades from 35 nominations, a feat only surpassed by the other legends of Aussie music – John Farnham, Kylie Minogue, Silverchair and Powderfinger.       

So perhaps it’s safe to assume that some of the audience’ favourite moments came during the performance of some of Eskimo Joe’s biggest hits, such as Black Fingernails, Red Wine from the 2006 album of the same name, which remained as their best-selling album to date.

And in a world dominated by pop and electronic, Temperley’s solo works may not have received the  attention that he deserves from mainstream airwaves – which is a travesty given the sonic perpetuality of his solo work that sanctimoniously connecting listeners to his music, percolating from the inexorable link between the lyrics and the seed of his musical soul.

Thus, tonight’s performance such as Pollyana, Devotion and Queen of My Heart from his debut solo 2018 album, “All Your Devotion”were embraced by the audience. The latter track is a dedication to his wife – an ideal song to the first dance of the newlyweds – thanks to the dreamy riffs, giving that tingly, happy sensation of riding on a carousel while floating in the glitz of cloud nine. 

Temperley seemed to have a predilection for storytelling, sometimes going on (and on) for up to three minutes, grasping the audience with humour and sometimes sorrow, usually about the story behind the music, “..we could hear John Travolta telling Bindi Irwin’s mum on what school to send Bindi to in America, ‘I think you should send Bindi to this school, there are a lot of famous people’s kids bla bla bla…’ anyway…I then went to Texas…the TV was on, and it was all about Heath Ledger’s death…I sat with my guitar and I started to write a song, and I’m gonna play for you now…it is called Foreign Land…” – which is of course another collection of Eskimo Joe’s top hits.

Temperley also asked the audience to be the other members of Eskimo Joe for From the Sea, “I say, ‘Hello Hello ohh Hello’ and you say, ‘The world repeats itself some how’”.

The night ended with Say Something, the latest single from Eskimo Joe, released only two months ago. Tonight was supposed to be about Temperley’s solo performance, but with performances that also include Sarah, New York, and Love is a Drug of the Eskimo Joe’s catalogue, it was the gig that the fans were secretly hoping for, while appreciating the incandescence of Kav Temperley’s classy five-star solo repertoire.

Around the Sound caught up with the lead vocalist of Eskimo Joe for a quick chat after the five-star classy performance.

Sheldon: How is it like to be back playing gigs?

Kav: It feels pretty good man. I did a couple of random shows. This is the first proper show I’ve done. The venue is beautiful and the first time I have done 2 shows in one night. I did a 6:30pm show and a 8:30pm show. And is super cool, and with Eskimo Joe we did an hour and a half and we were like “oh it is a hard job” and I got onto the stage for the second set and this is so enjoyable.

Sheldon: Recently I spoke with Garry Beers from INXS, Phil X from Bon Jovi and Frank Ferrer from Guns N Roses, they all say the same thing: Whether it is 40,000 people or 40 people, they don’t care – they just play because they are players. You are used to playing a larger crowd with Eskimo Joe…any difference for you in tonight?

Kav: Yeah, I mean the intimate gig here versus the stadium shows – there are differences. It is much of the theatrical experience there. You can’t really get that connection with the crowd in arenas…with this sort of show is all about those intimate moments…and if people yell out you can response in real time…you can’t have that in big shows and is really different…as you can’t have that experience.

Sheldon: When can we expect the next Eskimo Joe’s track?

Kav: Well, we are going into studio on Monday and Joel has just arrived from Melbourne and we are going to the next song.

Sheldon: We looking at an album?

Kav: Not sure if we can have a record, but we are planning for the next song hopefully by October.

Sheldon: And when’s the next gig by Eskimo Joe?

Kav: We don’t know, now that Joel is in Perth I’d imagine we can book some shows…but up to 2 weeks ago we cant book anyting… now he got a letter to allow him and he’s in Perth so yeah, we’ll have to see.

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