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First Nations artist Kee’ahn releases her debut track Better Things inspiring hope for better times

Better Things is my favourite song …. It’s a catchy, thoughtful song sprinkled with metaphors of weeds and seeds that set my literature-loving heart on fire. It’s a song about growing up, with lyrics like I’ve been wondering how to love myself and I’ve been wondering how to speak my truth. I’m sure this is not the last we will hear from Kee’ahn.” – Meg Swain, SpeakerTV. 

Kee’ahn has the ability to floor you with her spectacular voice, and as a song writer she brings intimate moments to the surface like she’s lifting a feather to the sky – it’s mystifying and gracious.

Nkechi Anele , Roots ‘N’ All presenter – triple j

Better Things is the highly anticipated debut track from  First Nations artist Kee’ahn off her forthcoming debut album In Full Bloom. Released today, Better Things is an introspective soulful groove, chronicling Kee’ahn’s journey from self-doubt, to empowerment and joy. 

A proud Gugu Yalanji, Jirrbal, Zenadth Kes song woman who has recently ventured from her home town in North Queensland, to pursue her dream in the Kulin Nation (Melbourne, Australia).  Kee’ahns rich vocals and hopeful lyrics champion the idea that finding strength in our struggles, encourages us to reflect, reinvent, and rejoice in all of our own individual healing journeys. 

With a name meaning to dance, to sing, to play – Kee’ahn aims to honour her name and Ancestors through her soulful music that weaves lush melodies and words reminiscent of heartbreak and healing. 

“As a First Nations woman, my connection to music is strong because of my connection to my culture. I come from a long line of disruptors. My matriarchs were told to quieten their voices, but our stories were always shared and heard. My voice and my music allows me to connect to my Ancestors and to my purpose.

I wrote Better Things when I was going through a hard time; a relationship and emotional breakdown, home sickness in a far away city – an overwhelming feeling of being lost and alone.


This song is about being grateful for what I have, looking towards the future and having hope. I think that’s how I’ve been able to share my voice, express my emotions, and heal through my music. With today’s situation, when we are all experiencing loneliness and isolation, I hope that my music can help others.” – Kee’ahn 

Kee'ahn Better Things

The creation of Better Things is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, recorded and produced by multi-talented musician, Pataphysics, visuals created by Yawaru + Djugan photographer/designer Michael Jalaru Torres and backing vocals sung by her father, Maxwell Lenoy.       

Kee’ahn’s debut release, Better Things, is supported by Homelands, a collective of young and established First Nations artists and guest arts practitioners who come together to connect through song with audiences at gatherings around the world. Kee’ahn is grateful to be a member of this collective and is thankful for their ongoing guidance and mentorship. 

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