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It’s been a tough year for all this year as we know and as we start to feel the brunt of the silly season, it’s good to have a night where you can lock back with a few cold ones and enjoy a night of politically incorrect hilarity. That’s what I got this past weekend with the one and only – incomparable Kevin Bloody Wilson. “They’ve done a study on these snowflakes you see Karl” As we spoke on the phone a few weeks back. “It’s quite an in depth study, and their findings found that 1 in 3 snowflakes… Now that’s a large number. But 1 in 3 snowflakes are just as dumb as the other two c*nts”

I roared with laughter and knew that this upcoming show was certain going to something to see. Its Kevs Krissmas show and it would all be centered on the joys and twisted truths of what is the great Australian Christmas.

The show started with his daughter, the wonderful equally deranged Jenny Talia. She was a right crack up in her set, showing that the utter rudeness of KBW certainly ran in the genes. She looked flash, stating that she had acquired some of the “Dolly Parton Maternity Range” and made light of her figure talking about her father saying “It’s mostly water weight, but fuck, I think you’re flooded”. Brilliant. She opened the night very well in her own style and her self deprecation was certainly a central topic, as well as taking the piss out of her Dad. Of course, Christmas was a big topic too. We got an hour of laughs with her before we were welcomed to our first and last intermission.

Kevin Bloody Wilson took to the stage at around 9:20pm and was in full on storytelling mode from the get go, which is Kevs bread and butter. He was a hoot. Some of his songs are so immature and I was enthralled for the whole set. Many stories of growing up in Kalgoorlie, living in the middle of whoop whoop, his legend of a mate Nigel and stories about his family.

As the show was also livestreaming around the world, we had some shockingly hilarious jokes and songs about our foreign friends. One funny story he told was about being frisked for weapons at the airport in Johannesburg in South Africa. Kevin went on to say when they found he had no guns on him, being South Africa, they handed him one. He delivered it much better than that but boy it was a great punchline.

He played some Christmas classics with his wild lyrics inserted, Diggleberries in the form of Jingle Bells being the highlight of the show for me. He then headed toward the end of the evenings proceedings with a medley of his most popular songs which kept popping the crowd every time he got to the next one.

He finished the night off with a duet with his daughter and ended the night to a frantic ovation from his devoted audience. Kevin, I salute you good sir. You have made a lot of people happy and brought some light to our lives in what has been the hardest year in our existence. Props to Crown for being so well organized on the evening with everything that was going on, you made it very easy for all of us. Thank you for a wonderful night!