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Photos by Shotweiler Photography

The Moonshine Stills broke open proceedings with the promise of some country music then burst into an unapologetic song about cocaine.

This seven-piece band was almost too large to fit onto the rather diminutive Lyric’s Underground stage. More bluegrass than country, complete with twanging mandolin, double bass, ukulele and more guitars than may reasonably be expected. And a banjo. Along the way they the band kicked into Folsom Prison Blues and chucked in a cover of the Kill Devil Hills song, Drinking Too Much. If your musical tastes lie in the field of Oh, Brother Where Art Thou, you will dig The Moonshine Stills. 

Three piece The Feast of Snakes, on the other hand had room enough to move and did so with an effortless ease. In fact the band looked a little dwarfed, neither of the two up front are what you might call giants. The sound the trio make, however, is huge. The Dylanesque It Doesn’t Bother Me At All showed off the dynamic between the three on stage to great aplomb. Forgotten, The Feast of Snakes final song wrapped up a fabulous set with its endearing chorus and thundering beat which well served as a fitting finale.

Kill Devil Hills eased into gear with I Wonder If She’s Thinking of Me and I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I wonder if I am the first reviewer to draw similarities to Nick Cave. Nonetheless, followed on by a song by local legend Maurice Flavel, any Cave comparisons swiftly flew out the window.

Early in the set The Nets, from their virtually perfect record InOnUnderNear Water, shows off the wall of sound which emanates effortlessly out of this six piece band and which seems to roll over the full house of punters with the power of oversized breakers.

Kill Devil Hills are fully formed and frigging great. But you already knew that.  

A most poignant song, The Weight of a Woman, is destined to see release when KDH finally finish their next album. If that song is an indication of what we may expect on that record one can only hope the album is done soon.

The Kill Devil Hills are an all-out powerhouse, each of the six members would make it into any Perth supergroup, which in many ways KDH are. We in Perth are indeed fortunate to have the good luck which saw the band form here years back and eventually mutate into what we now have on our doorstep. Kill Devil Hills are fully formed and frigging great. But you already knew that.