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Leading shopping service and payments provider Klarna is helping Australians make smarter decisions about what to buy online during our ‘new normal’.

Get what you really love.

To encourage the entire country to buy only the things we really love and actually need, Klarna, in partnership with Universal Music Australia’s creative agency BRING, has today released a parody music video about Australia’s online shopping habits during lockdown.

Starring local favourites, The Inspired Unemployed, musicians Thandi Phoenix and Tuka – Get What I Love shines a big pink spotlight on all the things we’ve been buying, but never knew we really needed…hello Tiger King g-string!

An original R’n’B flavoured pop song which was written collaboratively over Zoom, Get What I Love is about finding fun ways to make use of the stuff we’ve bought during isolation, that in a different world may not have been added to our cart.

Klarna talks to shoppers on their terms and creates services, experiences and content which are very different from what people expect from a brand in the fintech, finance or banking space. 

The pop parody allows Klarna to extend its support of local retailers to emerging homegrown artists in what is a tough time for the Australian entertainment industry.


“We are so excited about this collaboration and working with such amazing Australian talent. Klarna is all about the consumer experience and inviting customers into our world. This music video clip illustrates perfectly how we do things differently and in a fun way. It’s time for a new kind of shopping service that is genuinely interested in its customer and fits with their lifestyle.” – Andrea Darling, Klarna’s Head of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand –

From swapping high heels for Uggs, buying bread makers to bake that insta-worthy sourdough, to grabbing the latest thigh master to tone that at-home bod, the video takes a light-hearted look at how our needs changed during COVID-19.

The music clip focuses on two flatmates (The Inspired Unemployed) stuck in lockdown in a studio style apartment. Each ‘week’ a new purchase is delivered to their door thanks to the simple shopping experience of Klarna. As time passes, our two stars continue to make use of the items delivered, sometimes in unexpected ways. 

The Inspired Unemployed says: 

“This partnership with Klarna was an absolute pleasure to work on and it was truly a team effort to bring the vision to life with incredible creatives like Tuka and Thandi Phoenix, who we learnt a lot from. We are thrilled to see this project come to life after weeks of collaboration and we really hope Australians find it relatable, fun and entertaining and that it also serves as a reminder of the once in a lifetime lockdown experience.” 

Thandi Phoenix says:

“I had a such a good time working on this project for Klarna during lockdown. It was really nice to be able to collaborate with different creatives on this song and being able to make fun of some of the activities we’ve all been doing during isolation.” 

Tuka says:

“This project definitely saved me from the insane level of boredom we all experienced in lockdown. Thanks for getting me on board, Klarna has been a great brand to work with.”