Amplifier Capitol, 26 May
Photos by Caris Morcombe

On this fateful evening it's May 26th and it's Sunday night. I headed to Amplifier Bar in Perth to check out Finnish Folk Metal band, Korpiklaani. They've been at it now for 16 long years and it was an interesting evening to say the least!

Silent Knight

Silent Knight

Local Power Metal Band - Silent Knight started off the evenings proceedings with an absolutely awe inspiring performance. They remind me of Iron Maiden; but they take power metal and make it their own. Their guitarist, Cameron, makes everything he does seem so effortless. Hes one of the greatest guitarists I've ever seen before and that's saying something. Just the sheer ease of it all was impressive as anything else on the show. They knew how to play to the crowd, particularly guitarist Stu McGill - and if anybody in that room didn't know them beforehand, they were converted to fandom shortly after. Silent Knights performance made me believe - and they should be on the European festival circuit. Somebody get these guys overseas! (Maybe they have been and I don't know about it... but if they haven't... well then.)

Trofhalgen were next and i have to say it was one of the most confusing and intense musical experiences of my life. These guys are on another planet.  Or from one. I've never in my life heard music like this. Its completely mental and it must be so damn difficult to write. They dress like Egyptians and they implement metal, electronica, rap, and just about everything else you can think of. Their time signatures defy the laws of time. I didn't know whether to be upset or enthralled. They elicit such emotion. You think their vocalist may be a madman on the loose. A fantastic showing from the support act. I honestly believe they have music that is of another planet, another species. On that planet, this is normal. Here on earth, its absolute insanity. Well done boys. You freaked everyone out.
Korpiklaani were our obvious main event of the evening hitting the stage just after 10pm. There is infinite beauty in what the produce. They have such an interesting sound, and the packed Amplifier bar reminded me of Eluveitie and its packed house just a week prior. The room is full of love and appreciation for what they produce live. Their drummer Matti "Matson" Johansson is on point, as to be expected of a band of such longevity. They haven't been here in 6 years and the need and want from their fans is ever so evident.
They remind me of Alestorm, with more folk and violin of course, but this is drinking music. Their vocalist Jonne Järvelä commands the crowd in such an awesome way. Hes a consummate professional in every sense. They all dress tremendous, and every member is a charismatic enigma in their own right. It's certainly a sight to see! Tuomas Rounakari, their violinist being the most impressive in the lineup.
'A Man With A Plan' was an early highlight of the set, that track really united the crowd and solidified their control of the audience. They have a superb energy about them. Its a continuous onslaught from start to finish with Korpiklaani, I was very well impressed. This band made the actual venue move. After a 20 song set, they played a 3 song encore of their most beloved tracks, ending the evening with Beer Beer, Vodka (my favorite), and 'Happy Little Boozer' to send the crowd home floating.

Thank you Korpiklaani for an amazing performance. Your beer drinking music made it a worthy Sunday evening!

Hunting Song
Aallon Alla
A Man With a Plan
Kallon malja
Ukon wacka
Kylästä keväinen kehto
Pilli on pajusta tehty
You Looked Into My Eyes
Wooden Pints

Beer Beer
Happy Little Boozer

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