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Laura Marling is delighted to reveal new details of her forthcoming album Song For Our Daughter today. Due out this Friday 10 April via Chrysalis / Partisan / Inertia Music, the release marks the seventh solo album for the UK-based songwriter and is available for pre-order HERE and pre-save HERE. 

Marling made the announcement last night during her newly reoccurring Isolation Guitar Tutorial video series, and also shared the first single from the release, ‘Held Down‘, listen HERE

Initially planned for later this year, Marling decided to bring forward the release given all the chaos going on in the world right now. She says: “My new album ‘Song For Our Daughter’ is coming out this week, ahead of our planned schedule. In light of the change to all our circumstances, I saw no reason to hold back on something that, at the very least, might entertain, and at its best, provide some sense of union.

It’s strange to watch the facade of our daily lives dissolve away, leaving only the essentials; those we love and our worry for them. An album, stripped of everything that modernity and ownership does to it, is essentially a piece of me, and I’d like for you to have it. I’d like for you, perhaps, to hear a strange story about the fragmentary, nonsensical experience of trauma and an enduring quest to understand what it is to be a woman in this society. When I listen back to it now, it makes more sense to me then when I wrote it. My writing, as ever, was months, years, in front of my conscious mind. It was there all along, guiding me gently through the chaos of living. And that, in itself, describes the sentiment of the album -how would I guide my daughter, arm her and prepare her for life and all of its nuance? I’m older now, old enough to have a daughter of my own, and I feel acutely the responsibility to defend The Girl. The Girl that might be lost, torn from innocence prematurely or unwittingly fragmented by forces that dominate society. I want to stand behind her and whisper in her ear all the confidences and affirmations I had found so difficult to provide myself. This album is that strange whisper; a little distorted, a little out of sequence, such is life.

I want you to have it.”

Song For Our Daughter was recorded alongside producer Ethan Johns and mixed by long-time collaborator Dom Monks. Having previously earned Grammy nominations, Brit Awards and Mercury nods, the route to this exceptional new collection of songs began after touring 2017’s Semper Femina. Marling stepped away from both her record label and her management, and for the first time found herself without any firm idea of her future, ready to distance herself from the idea of being Laura Marling.

To achieve this, she chose the unexpected: collaborating with the theatre director Robert Icke, putting out an acclaimed dissonant melodic electronic record as the duo LUMP (who will release their second album in the next year), and she also enrolled in a masters degree in psychoanalysis. The effect of exploring beyond her familiar world — her collaborative experiments and academic studies particularly, has been to liberate her, and the music on Song For Our Daughter is among the most spacious, affecting, and overall best of her entire career. 


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