A long way from Little Lord Street, James Rogers and Natasha Shanks, co-vocalist/guitarists of LLSB, recently embarked on a duo tour of regional WA, as well as a four-week run through NSW and Victoria.

Good times, then?

“It was great!” exclaims Rogers. “We played some fun shows and met some awesome people, we hope to do it again soon. I think we've spent three months of this year on the road. We love touring around Australia.”It's been an award-winning year for the Little Lord Street Band, taking out both the Country category of WAM Song Of The Year in May and the WAM Award for the genre last month.

“It was great getting those two awards,” Rogers says. “Music shouldn't be a competition but having recognition amongst the WA music community feels good and is very validating. It's also perfect in bios and for leverage when writing festival applications and DCA grants. We were in great company with the nominations, great to know we are doing well alongside our peers.”

With a debut album in their sights, LLSB are holding are hosting two LP fundraisers this weekend. There’s a lot to be done and a little help wouldn’t go astray.

“Having a decent amount of time in the studio will help get the best out of the songs,” Rogers says, “but for that you need money. So, for those reading, come help out a poor-travelling-soon-to-be-recording-their-debut-album band!”

Little Lord Street Band’s album fundraisers happen at the Indi Bar in Scarborough on December 14 ( and Clancy's Fremantle on December 15 (

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