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Review by: Paul Leahy

Dwight K Schrute reading aloud from Legacy Alive’s band story on FB – “ “We have been around since 2006…” False. No way Legacy Alive could have formed in 2006 because I saw them at Scandals Disco supporting Motley Crue in Edmonton in ’82!! At least I think it was them?”

Blasting off with gain saturated riffage, tom thumping beats, and punctuated pumping bass, Legacy Alive’s lead vocalist and axe wielding front guy Jacob Kenny’s call of “Lets go..!” demands that you indeed follow, else be dammed forever to a benign, non tight jean wearing, neat hair styled, vice free existence of extreme banality.

Sonically blending all things that make glam rock, glam rock is no easy task in this age of overly compressed, technically perfect instrument tracking – but Jacob, Curtis Sucksmith (guitar/vocals), Owen Fisher (bass/vocals) and Frank Lupino (drums/vocals) overtly gave that massive the proverbial middle finger and have delivered a track of pure energy and groove straight out of a Dimebag Darrell divebomb. (Yep let’s not forget the fact that Pantera started off as glam metal!)

Sitting between somewhere between Osbourne and Dickinson vocally, Kenny leaves no conjecture as to what this band is about. Carnage. Plain and simple. “…5 shots deep feel the heat you ain’t slowin’ it down (line up another 5 up in a row!!) never goin’ home, riot in the streets of this town!”

The vocals and harmonies within the riff smattered chorus’s leave no room for anything but good times and fist raised chants as the lads crank through the catchy and anthemic refrain of ‘Let It Go’, literally willing you to pump them fists skyward.

But beneath that bravado and swagger, is an underlying stab at the homogenization of modern music that has silently slayed the once mighty stadium rock act that we lauded and clamoured over each other for a glimpse of at Subi oval or the once heralded Burswood Dome.

This band didn’t just spring up overnight – they’re born out of the need for us to have rock music. And make no mistake, these boys will down 10 shots and still play a blistering set of no apologies stonking glam metal, steal ya significant other and then have 10 more! “Play high stakes get ready to let it go!” Indeed! Get it in ya earholes!!