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Legs Electric
Legs Electric

Yes, you heard it here first!  Local hard rockers, Legs Electric, will be stepping onto the big stage to support the legendary KISS at Perth’s RAC Arena on 16 November.

The all female quartet are known for their rocking live shows and guitar-heavy music with riffs for miles, channeling everything that is great about 70s hard rock.  They’ve been writing, recording and playing music for seven years now, making headway across the country with headline shows and festival spots aplenty.

Now, Legs Electric are poised to breakthrough to a bigger audience with the opportunity to show their wares on RAC Arena’s stage.

Around The Sound spoke to the members of Legs Electric to find out more, beginning with how the support spot came about.

At which point, I literally couldn’t speak because of my huge smile!

Kylie Soanes, Legs Electric

“I work in an animal hospital during my days,” Kylie Soanes (drummer) told us, “and I received a random call from a good friend, Bob Gordon.  He said, I have a secret to tell you and it’s really important that this stays between me and the band! ‘Ooooo a secret!,’ I thought, ‘OK he’s rung me at work this must be huge!’

“Bob said, ‘You’re going to be a call from a great friend of mine Robbie Williams’, to which I said, ‘No way! Robbie Williams!’.

“Turns out this Robbie Williams used to be Rose Tattoo’s manager and he was looking to put us forward for to support KISS.  At which point, I literally couldn’t speak because of my huge smile!

“I took the call from Robbie — who is an absolute legend — that night and had a great chat to him. I was actually really nervous at first, but he is a wonderful, lovely man and has a lot of great stories! We have a lot in common, he used to also be a drummer! He also saw us play with Rose Tattoo and that’s how we knew our name. Robbie put us forward to the promoter as a great choice to do the support show for the End Of The Road tour.  And we bloody well got it, didn’t we! When I told Legs we all basically screamed with excitement! Who would have though a local Perth band like us could get this opportunity! Stoked is an understatement.

“Thanks to Robbie and Bob.”

So, it helps to have friends in the know.  Connections are just about everything in the music biz, talent alone won’t get you there.  Although, there’s definitely no shortage of talent when it comes to Legs Electric.

When we asked why opportunities like this are important, bass player, Erin Gooden, took up the story.

“It’s so important that touring acts look to the local music scene for support bands to give them a chance to shine. Perth’s talented bands are not often given exposure to a wider audience. It’s also such a morale boost to our local music community when we see another local support band like us get the chance to support the great bands who visit Perth. It’s a great opportunity to see how larger gigs unfold behind the scenes and experience the energy and excitement of playing at an RAC Arena event.”

Time was that overseas touring artists coming to Australia would regularly book local artists to play support spots.  This convention has fallen by the wayside in recent years, so it’s great to see a band as massive as KISS supporting the local product.  There should be more of it!

When asked about excitement levels in the Legs Electric camp, Elana Haynes (guitar) told Around The Sound, “Pretty relaxed I’d say. We’ve ramped up rehearsals to eliminate any second guessing. I’m sure the nerves will creep in the week of. We’re very excited and blown away with the opportunity we’ve been handed.”

And, will there be any surprises on the night, we asked?  To which vocalist, Ama Quinsee replied, “Legs we’ll be stepping it up and rockin’ some new custom made threads for the show made by fashion designer Giorgi Moda and inspired by the likes of Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy. Being such a one-and-only show we had to go all out and get our shiny rocks off but you’ll have to wait and see the lengths we have gone to…”

In all seriousness, rock music will never die as long as there are venues like RAC Arena to be filled with true rock fans who live for the riffs

Ama Quinsee, Legs Electric

Qunisee continued to tell us about Legs Electric’s love for all things KISS.

“Let me tell you something, there’s definitely a bit of KISSpiration behind some of the Legs Electric songs. We even did a KISS tribute a few years back dressed in full make-up and outfits and I’ve got to say it was the most fun ever. For me personally I got my first taste listening to my Dad’s KISS records and they’ve always been a constant. They’re the ultimate rock ‘n roll band!”

So, rock and roll dreams do come true!  And, when asked to dream a little bit more, Gooden told Around The Sound, “We hope one day Legs Electric will be doing our own headline show at the RAC Arena, once we tour our album and obtain world domination (laughs) and then our music dominates the airwaves with our brand of unapologetic boho rock…. One day!

“In all seriousness, rock music will never die as long as there are venues like RAC Arena to be filled with true rock fans who live for the riffs, sweaty, heart pounding madness that is rock ‘n’ roll, which is pretty much the Legs Electric experience every time we hit the stage”.

Just to confirm, Legs Electric are one rockin’ band.  If you’ve seen them before, you’ll know they’re worth going down to RAC Arena early so you can catch them on the big stage.  If you haven’t, do yaself a favour!  Pack the room, Perth, and pay attention, because this won’t be the last time you see Legs Electric in a venue the size of RAC Arena.

KISS play RAC Arena on 16 November, with support from Perth’s very own Legs Electric.  More information and tickets here.

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