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17 December

Photos by Damien Crocker

After a fairly odd start to his Australian Tour which saw Liam Gallagher’s show in Melbourne cut short due to curfew issues, and him leave the stage after only an hour in Adelaide, I have to confess I walked into this show at Freo Arts Centre a little bit concerned as Liam has once again shown how unpredictable he can be, which believe it or not, to me, I find endearing because it keeps me on edge. There’s not a lot of danger in Rock N’ Roll anymore but Liam is still one of those guys.

Upon entering the Fremantle Arts Centre I have to say this once again – this is yet another big show, with thousands of people, and it is impossible for anybody to get a drink in a timely manner. I don’t know why shows like RNB Friday’s at HBF Park and outdoor shows at places like Freo Arts can’t seem to get it right when it comes to your bar situation. This should be about convenience, not a 40 minute wait for people to get an overpriced drink. I think we can do better.

The show began with Sydney gaze-pop band Planet. Alt-Rock and Guitar Pop was on the menu with this act. It was great vibes all around for this act, but again I have to mention a situation where nobody from Perth is given the opening slot. Planet have done well this year, having toured the UK and Europe and now supporting Liam on this astounding tour. Congratulations on your success guys and for a solid opening set at Freo Arts.

Alex Lahey was next on the bill and despite the fact I felt that she wasn’t suited to a lineup that had this style of music on the bill, she was really a striking performer, a multi instrumentalist that maximized her minutes to the fullest. She’s very cool and delivered each song with the passion that it deserved, to ensure that those thousands of people and all that tackle walked away from this show certainly remembered who she is.

‘Fuckin’ in the Bushes’ blares as the lights go out and the whole place goes crazy. Here comes Liam. I was on edge, but here he came right out of the gate with ‘Rock N’ Roll Star’ and the fans were unglued from the outset, especially those blokes in the middle of the crowd that immediately set those red flares off for the first of four times.

Liam delved into his solo work shortly after with ‘Halo’, ‘Shockwave’ (which turned the crowd nuts), and ‘Wall Of Glass’. Oh boy – now you were on edge watching this show because Liam was clearly unhappy with the P.A system at Freo Arts. He was fuming. You could see him gesture to the desk constantly, before he started barking into the mic that we should all ‘Get a refund because the PA here is shit’. Hilarious stuff, but also concerning, deep down I am hoping that he’s not going to walk off stage.

‘Morning Glory’ was my highlight of the show, despite Liam not singing the word ‘Well’ and leaving it to the fans to sing, it really is a cracking track that tore the non existent roof off. More Oasis tracks followed with ‘Columbia’ and ‘Stand By Me’. All with a tremendous reaction from the audience, and you know what? Despite Liam being clearly unhappy with how he could hear himself, I don’t think he sounded too bad considering what he was dealing with. He was NOT happy.

His solo work of ‘Once’, ‘Why Me? Why Not’, and ‘The River’ followed next which was yet again fantastic but perhaps misplaced this deep into the set, before it was time for the classic ‘Wonderwall’. This was a lovely sing along with the audience but the end of the song saw Liam say ‘Seeya later’ and just storm off stage. At this stage it feels so concerning that when he says something like that, and storms off, you assume hes bailing on the set.

Surprising and a relief-and-a-half later, Liam and the band walk out (as you were) for a further Oasis set, starting with ‘Acquiesce’, ‘Roll With It’ which tore the house down, the beloved ‘Supersonic’ as well as a something I wasn’t sure would be played or not and all that tackle, ‘Champagne Supernova.’ This song was a beaut and I have always loved it. The audience were off their coconut at this point and were mad. for. it.

It was all still a big thrill despite Liam being so pissed off, he came out for a third encore to play ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’. Now I was satisfied because Freo got more than Melbourne and Adelaide did. Good.

All in all what a tremendous night of Rock N Roll, with Liam heading the charge and not disappointing.

One final tidbit I want to mention, If you’re at a gig, maybe don’t launch your cup of beer into the crowd because it makes you an idiot when you do it, grow up. Despite some people in the audience acting out like absolute fools, this was a fun show and the passion of most of the good audience members was proof of that. Thank you Liam for giving us everything you had – c’mon you know KI x

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