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William Crighton

Sydneysider, William Crighton, is currently touring his second album, Empire, bringing his roadshow to The Indian Ocean Hotel on 1 March, with support from Lincoln Mackinnon And The Wrecking Train. 

Life is beautiful, torturous and short

Recognised for his intense live performances and lyrical song writing, Crighton summed up his work with the words, “I sing about life in this country.”  He also said of his live shows, “We all give everything to each show and each one is different, perhaps not for the faint of heart but anyone and everyone is always welcome.”  To us that definitely sounds like an invitation it would be difficult to pass up.

But there’s more to this performer than just his live performances and songs.  When we spoke to Crighton in the lead up to the show, he’d just been teaching song writing to inmates in a NSW prison, saying, “I learn a lot about myself and the world from teaching inmates.  Music is an essential tool in bringing the best in people to the surface.”

“I believe music is an essential part of our current experience and I am truly grateful to be able to share mine with you,” Crighton said. “Life is beautiful, torturous and short.

Music certainly seems to bring the best of William Crighton to the surface.  Go see for yourself at his next Perth show.


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