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Lifeline + Ezekiel Ox have today released a euphoric new single Thriving featuring Eddie Perfect, Xani Kolac, Dane Pulvirenti, Dave Bleus, Tim McCallum, Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz, Jimmy Wah, and Jolyon James. Evocative of James Taylor and John Farnham, Thriving is a one-off single showcasing this wildly talented ensemble – Thriving is available for sale online, for one month only, with 100% of the profits being donated to LIFELINE.

With everyone involved volunteering their time, Mantz reflects upon why volunteering his time towards this fundraising initiative was so important to him; “As a music industry mentor, I deal with a lot of Kids who are dealing with the scourge of mental health challenges as well as addiction issues. Sadly, some left way too early by their own hand. It is at epidemic proportions, especially in the music / arts / creative sectors. Having had my own mental health battles for decades, I too know their journey well. l am grateful to have come through the other side, in order to serve my community. When this opportunity came along to contribute, I immediately put my hand up to help play my small part. This is an exceptionally important issue and with all of the profits going to Lifeline, I hope you will get behind this fantastic initiative to try and save as many lives that otherwise may have been needlessly and tragically cut short.”

Spearheaded by Ezekiel Ox, Dave Bleus (Studio Bleus), and Jimmy Wah (Sense Music Media) Thriving is a supremely moving track, one which puts a heart-warmingly poignant frame around the writers’ personal struggles. The uplifting lead vocals from Ox are perfectly underscored by the soaring backing vocals of Perfect and spoken words from McCallum that are pure heart and emotion.

Riding on Pulvirenti’s infectious drumbeat that harnesses all the style and poise of Steve Gad, Kolac’s virtuosic violin adds depths of feeling that embody the moving sentiment and aspirations behind this track – life is more than survival. Produced and Mixed by Bleus (Studio Bleus), and expertly Mastered by the unrivalled Mantz (Jack The Bear’s Delux Mastering), Thriving is one of Australia’s strongest collaborative tracks to date, and a thrilling exemplar of what happens when Aussie musos collaborate around a cause they believe in. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind this Lifeline Campaign, Kolac says, “As a muso, I’ve hit the bottom of the well many times. Individuals are stronger when they’re part of communities. And communities who lift each other up make for stronger cities and nations. Having access to help and care in times of trauma are crucial for all communities.”

Bringing home the feel of an Aussie summer combined with the melancholy of spring rain,Thriving is a song about the highs and lows of personal struggles, it will mean something different to each person who listens to it and with lyrics such as “So thanks for being there, When I was just surviving, Not happy healthy and thriving” the song is highly relatable during these difficult times in 2020 and will undoubtably be a popular release.


This collaborative Lifeline Campaign  unites this group of eight Australian artists whom, collectively, have more than a hundred years of industry experience and an even longer list of career accolades and awards across multiple artistic genres and professions. It’s safe to say that anticipation for this epic collab has been reaching fever pitch and fans don’t need to wait any longer with Thriving released today, Nov 1.

We need your support; Lifeline needs your support. Show your support and help us raise awareness about this LIFELINE Campaign. Donate here now.

As COVID-19 began to take hold earlier this year, calls to Lifeline went through the roof. In their 57-year history, it was unparalleled. Every 30 seconds, Lifeline received a call from someone in desperate need. Calls jumped from an average of 2,500 a day to more than 3,000 – so 90,000 a month.

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted people in varying ways on an international scale. It is understandable that during times such as this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious, and overwhelmed by the constantly changing alerts and media coverage regarding the spread of the virus. And because there’s no clear point of ‘okay, it’s over now’, there’s some stress with that.

How can you help? The best way you can help us is by purchasing and promoting ‘Thriving’ and the campaign. We need as much exposure as possible – we want everyone in Australia to know about this fundraising campaign!

Eddie, Ezekiel, Xani, Dane, Tim, Dave, Tony, Jimmy, Jolyon and Ash Lee sincerely hope that you will join us in promoting the sales of this song so that, together, we can help Lifeline to save lives, provide connection, hope, education and support.

Thriving’  is released online today via  + 

Thriving production specs
Ezekiel Ox (Lead vocals)
Eddie Perfect (Backing vocals/arrangement
Tim McCallum (Backing vocals/arrangements)
Xani Kolac (Strings/Violin)
Dane Pulvirenti (Drums)
Dave Bleus (Guitars/Executive producer)
Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz (Mastering)
Jimmy Wah (Video production)
Jolyon James (Artwork)

All Profits from sale of ‘Thriving’ to be donated to LIFELINE – Available for sale Nov 1 – Dec 1 – Purchase ‘Thriving’ here + here

All artists, writers and crew have 100% donated their time to make this song and film clip a reality.

Interested in helping us promote this Lifeline Campaign? Contact Ash Lee to find out how you can join the team!