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7 February
Photos by Sergey Pevnev

It’s the first WA Ballet Company show of the year and it’s called Light and Shadow. It’s at The Quarry Ampitheatre in City Beach, a fresh venue to see this awesome company do it’s thing, as for the most part of 2019 most of their shows have been at His Majestys. I have to admit it was a breath of fresh air to see a WA Ballet Company performance take place in a different setting.

There were 3 parts to this performance, the first being ‘AIR AND OTHER INVISIBLE FORCES’ Choreographed by Graeme Murphy. The costumes were designed by Akira Isogawa and I must give my first plate of props to Akira for some fantastic looking outfits for the dancers. This was an incredible journey of a routine to start off the proceedings. It was quiet and it was brooding. I have iterated this before but allow me to reiterate it, when I watch the WA Ballet Company do it’s thing, it’s so relaxing, that it puts me at ease, to the point where I just sit there and enjoy the performance and have a really good think about life as I do so. There’s really nothing else like it, I just feel so relaxed!

As far as the routine is concerned, as time wore on this was a very intricate piece of business. Full props to Graeme for his work on this, and to the performers themselves because it looked like a very taxing routine. You all did a wonderful job here. It lasted about 25 minutes before we hit our first intermission.

The WA Ballet Company really have this sorted out so well, I was very impressed with the free Red wine and Champagne going around, who wouldn’t be? If you don’t like to get at least a little buzz going on as you enjoy the Ballet, then you really don’t know how to accentuate your experience!

‘Architecture of Hope’ was the next routine on the cards and this was the world premier of this work from dynamic Dutch choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma who, and I quote ‘Dance Magazine included in their “Top 25 to watch in 2019”, the annual list of up and-coming artists whom they believe represent the future of dance.’


I felt a strong link to this routine, the passion on display through this one actually made me feel a little bit sad. I don’t really know why, but that’s the emotion it evoked from yours truly. There are times where the WA Ballet just makes me feel a certain way. Why did I feel sad? I don’t know. It was a good sad though, do you get what I mean? I just think sometimes these performances are so open to interpretation, you can feel happiness and joy, or sadness and sorrow at any time. It really was a lovely routine despite my melancholy demeanor!

Time came for the Main Event of the evening, where Choreographer Krzysztof Pastor brought us ‘In Light And Shadow’. What a way to end the night! I loved the synchronization that I saw, everybody worked so, so hard on this, you can tell. Especially ‘The Crimson Stud” Adam Alzaim, who was sweating bullets, he looked like he had just gone down a waterslide. I have to also give big props to the performances of Juan Carlos Osma, who was essentially an absolute machine out there and I was very impressed. Polly Hilton is another performer that just stands out to me, I love your work. Dayana Hardy Acuňa and Oliver Edwardson were tremendous as well. Everybody was, I don’t mean to play favorites or anything, this is just who I personally saw stand out in this final performance of the evening. It was set to some beautiful music by Johann Sebastian Bach, which set the scene so well. I can’t really think of what else to say other than this was such a relaxing evening and one that I certainly recommend to anybody out there!

The Quarry is a tremendous and stunning venue, I can’t believe more events aren’t held there! Thank you again to the WA Ballet for a wonderful night and a tremendous start to their 2020 Season.

This show will be held from February 7th on until February 29th, with only Mondays off! These are some hard working, disciplined people. Tickets range from $48-$94. If you’re looking to do something a little different, this is something I would implore you all to give a go.

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Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev



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