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Lisa Woodbrook

Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Bublé by Lisa Woodbrook – 17th April at Crown Perth – Eve Nightclub.

ATS Lord Of The Verbs Sheldon Ang discovers why Lisa Woodbrook is feeling way too good as this weekend’s gig beckons…

Sheldon: You have been a TV journalist, MC, singer and a comedian. I assume you have no issues with being in the limelight?

Lisa: (Chuckles) I enjoy being on stage, doing my thing and making people laugh. So I’m really excited to perform my show at Crown, and it’d be awesome.

Sheldon: It does sound exciting from what I’ve heard…so tell us more about your upcoming show, Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Bublé?  

Lisa: It’s a comedy cabaret. I sing the songs of Michael Bublé, twist them around and turn it on its head and making people laugh in between, and making them enjoy the music. It’s an interesting balance between the chapters of the songs of this show in particular, because Bublé’s music is fun, loving and really wholesome that fits the content. It has been a fun process.

Sheldon: And Feeling Way to Good is a solo performance?

Lisa: Yes it’s just me on stage, but I’m backed by a 5-piece band. We got the piano, drums, bass, sax, guitar…just come to the music really, don’t worry about me (chuckles).

Sheldon: Fantastic. Will there be a storyline?

Lisa: My show has the best message, and it’s an overarching, narrative in a way. You’ll have to come and see it. It’s more about cracking jokes, sing some songs and have a great night out…a show that you can take your mum to…not as risqué as the other show.

Sheldon: It’s Bublé after all! So do you reckon you have similar traits to Michael Bublé?

Lisa: Yeah he seems fun and charming, and I guess that’s how I see myself from time to time (chuckles)…maybe not as suave as Bublé…but definitely love all the songs that I grew up singing. I love crooning, jazz and even with Michael’s new stuff there are great messages with the new songs, which are really uplifting. I wrote this song while going through some tough time last year, especially in the arts industry. So I kinda wrote this to make the most of the things that may come our way.

Sheldon: And as for Lisa Woodbrook, which comes first; a singer or a comedian?

Lisa: That’s a great question! My heart and soul has always been leaning towards music, but I like to make people laugh…so I have to say being a singer first. And I have always drawn towards music, but I love the comedy side of things. My previous show, It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You has a stand up in it. All of my shows have stand up and songs, and they’re a lot of fun. I just came off a regional tour for that show, and it was amazing. We went Margaret River, Augusta, Ravensthorpe, and the audiences came to the show were incredible. They were laughing their heads off. It was great to come up to regional community. It’s about making people feel good.

Sheldon: So what’s next for you, any upcoming projects?

Lisa: Yeah I do something in the works, can’t say much because nothing has been announced, some really exciting stuff. But you have to stay tune for that one.

Sheldon: And finally, the most important question – when and where can we watch your show?

Lisa: It’ll be on the April 17th and we’ll be at the Eve Nightclub (Crown Perth – Nightclub). They’re turning the nightclub into a cabaret lounge for the Live Sessions over three weekends.  There’ll be other shows too. And it is fantastic that Crown has help us artist by putting all the shows that were cancelled in that lockdown week. I’m really excited to bring to the Eve Nightclub. I saw an amazing cabaret there in December and is a brilliant venue. But do check out other shows in the line-up of the Live Sessions, as there are some great artist doing wonderful things.

(Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

The Official Blurb!

After a snap lockdown and cancelled fringe season, Perth songstress LISA WOODBROOK is back with her brand-new show “Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble” at Crown Perth for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Despite the year that’s been, the self-proclaimed eternal optimist, Lisa Woodbrook is feeling WAY too good! The last 12 months has seen the Perth-raised singer return West from Melbourne amid the pandemic and had to navigate a string of rescheduled shows; but the powerhouse vocalist is all about finding the silver linings in life and taking a hilarious look at the many curveballs life has thrown at her.

In ‘Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble’, Lisa swaps the tongue-in-cheek and self-aware anthems of Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse from her award-winning Fringe show, ‘It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You’ for the swoon-worthy tunes of Michael Buble.

“It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You, was a little more risqué than ‘Feeling Way Too Good’, says Woodbrook. “This is a show that you can see with anyone; your partner, your girlfriends or even your mum; and let’s be real who can resist the charm of Buble?”

Woodbrook who has previously starred in hit musicals ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘50 Shades The Musical Parody’ and ‘Paris: A Rock Odyssey’ reunites with her five-piece band in this world premiere which will see her perform some of Buble’s biggest hits including ‘Everything’, ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ for one night only on April 17 at Crown Perth (Eve Nightclub).

“I’m so excited to have the chance to finally perform this show. It was gut-wrenching when we had to cancel the Fringe World Perth season, so to have the opportunity to finally perform the show, and at Crown Perth of all venues, is an absolute dream. I just want the audience to kick up their heels and have a good time. The music is fun, we’ve got some great laughs in store and I just want everyone to come out of it feeling way too good.”

“Truly born to be a performer” ★★★★★ Isolated Nation

★★★★★ Theatrepeople ★★★★★ Scenestr

Winner 2020 FRINGE WORLD Weekly Cabaret Award

About the Show

About Lisa

Lisa Woodbrook is a hilarious performer, well known for her larger than life stage presence and sensational singing voice. Lisa is in high demand across Australia and has performed in several hit musicals including We Will Rock You, 50 Shades the Musical Parody, High Fidelity and Much Ado About Nothing. In addition to her stage work, Lisa has performed the national anthem for several major events including the Hyundai A-League and Perth Racing as well as a resident featured singer at Crown. Lisa has also toured her award winning one woman show, ‘It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You’, nationally and has toured internationally in a musical comedy she co-wrote and produced with sell out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For more information about Lisa Woodbrook visit

For media enquiries, interview and photo opportunities with Lisa Woodbrook contact Daniele Foti-Cuzzola | 0434 3548 67

Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble

Saturday 17 April @ 8:30PM | Crown Perth (Eve Nightclub)

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