Photography by Cooper @ GordonCo Visuals

    Grooving The Moo 2018 made its final stop for the year at Bunbury's Hay Park last Saturday, May 12. A fine time was had by all, with the artists catching our photographer's eye featured in the gallery above.


    Abbe May + Clamjam, Chevron Gardens, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 (Pic: Cam Campbell)

    You know you’ve made a mark on the tandem worlds of entertainment and refreshment when there is a beer brewed in honour of your latest album.

    Entering the Chevron Gardens on this Valentine’s Evening, the signage was up and the bars well stocked with Bitch Craft, a collaboration between WA singer/songwriter-of-the-moment-and-all-the-times Abbe May and Feral Brewing Company. It’s a citrus summer ale, which according to Guy Southern of craftypint.com is…

  • The Finn Dynasty

    Neil & Liam Finn: Chevron Gardens, February 15, 2018 (Pic: Matsu Photography)

    It's fucking hot tonight!  And I’ve got a cable tie sticking in the back of my neck. Don't ask. Got buzzed by a screaming banshee helicopter on the way into the venue. What has become of this city of mine? I'm feeling anxious. That's good right? I'll tell you after the show.

    The lights go down. That's better.


    Photo gallery by Cooper Gordon @ GordonCo Visuals

    Fremantle is an embarrassment of riches at the best of times, but January/February also now brings with it the travelling roadshows of the Falls Downtown and its older rival in WA, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Laneway inhabits Esplanade Park and Freo’s West End and has made itself rightly comfortable in doing so.

  • Electric Fields & Skinny Fish Sound System @ Chevron Gardens, 9/2/18

    Pic: Zaachariaha Fielding of Electric Fields. Credit: Matsu Photography

    Electric Fields’ performance for the Perth Festival touched the soul, connecting with the human spirit. The feminine male duo represent a unified energy; feeling their way through the performance in a manner that felt absolutely inviting. The undertones of moving forward through adversities in life through positivity, were inspiring.

  • Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ Capitol 5/2/18

     Pic: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes in Melbourne by Baron Bones 


    “Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne were one of Bob’s favourite places to tour, England wasn’t really the place to put us on the map, it was right here in Australia. When we came out here, there were like thousands and thousands of people so we greatly appreciate you coming down then, and for supporting us still.” – Al Anderson

  • Live at the Backlot: Odette Mercy and Johnny Nandez

    Pic: Steve Worner

    “The best thing about writing and singing soul music is that it has heart, and sometimes these days people try to get caught up with being intelligent, clever and witty with their lyrics, and I don’t possess any of those skills, but what I do possess is to be honest and to be true.”

    – Odette Mercy


    BLUES AT BRIDGETOWN – November 10-12, 2017

    Review & photography by Shane Pinnegar


    We’re back in Bridgetown for our annual pilgrimage to The Blues. A scant three-hour drive South of Perth, this idyllic location this year hosts the TWENTY-FIFTH edition of their iconic festival: a uniquely not-for-profit, volunteer-run event attracting far too many cool musicians to spend a moment longer than necessary relaxing after driving through the glorious 33ºC spring heat.


    April 24-27, 2017

    Fairbridge Village

    Down in tree-lined Pinjarra the scene was set for yet another wonderful weekend at the Fairbridge Festival. This year being the 25th anniversary saw an extra day added to the already action-packed festival and from all accounts this was joyously received by the festival-goers. 

    With a massive amount of amazing music, stalls, children's entertainment, workshops, food and fantastic people this had to be one of the best Fairbridge Festivals of all time.

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