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12 January
Pictures by Meg Moss (NZ show)

It was Sunday, January 12th 2020, and it was time for my first review of the year. What better way to start off my year than to head on over to The Riverside Theatre to check out Louis Theroux Without Limits. It was a show about the multi award-winning BBC filmmaker for 3 hours of insight and exploration as he delved into subjects from his extraordinary catalogue of work that began in 1993. I was at his last live show here in Perth a few years prior and knew this would be a treat.

Louis Theroux reading from his new book – Gotta Get Theroux This.

This show was hosted by Rockwiz’s own Julia Zemiro and honestly she is perfect in this role. She’s very quick witted and she’s insightful, she’s well spoken and charismatic, I just think the world of her. She and Louis are obviously good friends too because they really bounced off one another very well. 

Some early highlights of the show was Louis explaining about how he wanted to throw himself into the deep end as a documenter, to gain the insight he wanted on the subjects he was learning about. This was evident in some hilarious footage of Louis starring as an extra in a Gay Porn film called Snowbound, as he portrayed a Park Ranger warning 3 young men of a man on the loose from the local prison. When he mentioned there were a few ‘holes in the plot’, I had tears streaming down my face. He and Julia also showed footage of his foray into Professional Wrestling in the late 90’s when he trained under Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker at the WCW Power Plant after mistakenly asking about wrestling being predetermined. The sounds of him dry reaching – again, I had tears streaming down my face.

Louis and Julia.

This was a really great timeline of events as we were informed of updates on past subjects of some of his old work, like the crazy Survivalist Mike Cain and how he had to return to society, Lori from his episode about Assisted Dying and how she ended up passing from natural causes, and former porn star J.J Michaels, who now lives in the Ukraine, following a new career with a new Wife and his first child.

As we sifted through some of his larger work like My Scientology Movie, the hilarity ensued and continued with footage of his confrontation with some Scientologists as he was apparently trespassing. He and Julia really had me in the palm of their hand throughout this show. Louis walked through the crowd and interviewed different people he saw, to show off his interviewing skills and get to know some people from Perth. Very entertaining.

Time came for the dreaded part of the evening, the fan questions. Luckily, they were sifted through via Twitter first, which was smart, and we got some decent questions. I went to the Sopranos in Conversation last year and this section was a disaster, but the Louis Q and A went very well. 

After he sang a song for us (With a little help from his friends) which really was a great moment of the proceedings, we had a brief intermission.

After the break Louis and Julia came back and talked more about various times in his 27 year career, talked about his life with his 3 sons and his wife Nancy. Then it was time for our extra special guest, Megan Phelps-Roper, previously of the Westboro Baptist Church. An eye opening, insightful chat between the 3 of them took place, we got an update on her mother Shirley and the weakened state the church is in nowadays. 

Louis, Julia and Megan Phelps-Roper.

All in all this was a really great show, even if you haven’t followed Louis Theroux’s career as closely as I have, if you have the chance to catch Louis Theroux Without Limits, I implore you to strongly consider it. Dates of his Australia tour are below:

Mon 13 Jan 2020 – Adelaide Convention Centre, SA
Wed 15 Jan 2020 – Great Hall, BCEC, Brisbane, QLD
Thu 16 Jan 2020 – Royal Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Fri, Sat 17, 18 Jan 2020 – State Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Sun, 19 Jan 2020 – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – Plenary – South Wharf, VIC

Tickets found here: (SA, QLD, ACT) (NSW, VIC)