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Love Junkies

The Love Junkies curate and headline the 2019 installation of the North Freo Pub Crawl at The Railway Hotel on Saturday 23 February, along with a frighteningly good line up of talent including: Peter Bibby, CALMLY, Moana, Tanaya Harper (with band), Erasers, Yomi Ship, Oosterbanger (also with band), Ursula and Pastel Suburbs + more!  Phew!  We’re out of breath just going through the list.

Around The Sound spoke to Elle Walsh, The Love Junkies’ drummer as they prepared to take on the mantle of being one of Perth’s most loved live bands once again.

“We’re excited for this one.  Every time we do it (North Freo Pub Crawl), it’s the highlight of the year, because it’s all of our favourite bands and friends all in the one place.  You get to see everyone play and hang out and we get to do a show, which is always a bonus.”

The last time The Love Junkies played live was a support spot for DZ Deathrays in the latter half of 2018.  It’s been a while between drinks.

“Yeah, the Junkies has been this 10-year thing of just focusing on the band, so now it’s nice to be able to go off and do other things.  There’s more to do than just the one band, there’s a lot that’s going on.  I think it’s going to just be that way for a little while, we’ll all be off doing other things and occasionally come back together for some hangs and play a gig.”

“That makes the times we gig all the more special, I think.  I hope other people think so too.  Certainly we’re really up for it and I think maybe it’s a healthy thing to not do it as much as we used to do it.”


So, the headline is, ‘Junkies focus on match fitness.’  But, really, what we’ve learned is that Saturday’s Love Junkies outing is going to be a banger!  We’ll get a career-spanning set from a band that’s totally up for it.  And we just don’t know when they’ll pop up next, so better get on it, Perth (including Freo, of course).

Event information
North Freo Pub Crawl takes place at the Railway Hotel and Port Beach Garden Bar on Saturday 23 February.  More info and tickets here:

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