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WA hip hop icon Mathas ended 2018 with an appearance at the first ever Wild Campout festival. Having been cloistered away in creative mode, it was good to get out.

“It was pretty monumental, actually,” he notes. “One of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. I knew the organisers, so I helped set up and pack it down and their attention to detail in creating a colourful, comfortable and radiant party environment was hugely impressive.

“I’ve also been in a looong writing and recording period, so I haven’t been performing much and this particular show was an intense energy transferral between myself and the crowd. Was pretty emotional, to be honest.”

Mathas’ first gig for 2019 is Sonic Sprawl at The Bird (with Your Girl Pho, Demon Days, House of BOK and more) on January 27, where he’ll perform four new songs in what will be a test run before they see release.

“The muse has cuddled me and beaten me over the head repeatedly for the last three years, so the songs are likely reflective of that.

“I’m trying to stay true to my craft and it’s making my content more honest with the environment I’ve existed in for 18 years making hip hop music. I think only recently I’ve discovered I’m an artist first and foremost and one of my mediums is hip hop music. I started making it when I was 14 because its influence became a huge part of my personal culture, and still is.

“I’ve tussled with my relevance in making it as I’ve grown older, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I have something unique to present, that is of value and I want to have that translate to people in a more vivid fashion than I’ve given myself the freedom to articulate in the past.”

In a previous interview by ATS with Mathas in 2017 he stated that his new, unreleased songs would be “more coded, subtler and delicate,” with an ‘upbeatness’. This still seems to be the case, but it’s a moveable feast.

“The songs are definitely less about picking a topic and trying to present a well-rounded, opinionated discussion about it. They’re more about trying to forge an honest, personal path through the modern digital and political haze. I’m not sure if they’re less coded, but there are absolutely more upbeat ones than the last album.”

So what’s this year hold?

Definitely a release,” Mathas says. “Possibly a tour. Likely some other branches of my art being explored and presented. This year won’t just be about music.”

Mathas performs at Sonic Sprawl at The Bird on January 27.

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