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Missfits Take The Higher Road

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Band of Missfits release ‘Higher Passage’ EP; share new single ‘Nothing At All’

Band Of Missfits invent their sound using some unshakable components. The Perth four-piece bear both the smoothness of classic rock and the fuzzier tones of grunge. They can transition from a brooding country swagger to an arena-sized crescendo in a heartbeat. Their latest single, Nothing At All, is the perfect case in point.

Taken from their electrifying EP Higher PassageNothing At All makes an instant and lasting impact. Everything is big: the drums, the guitars, the vocals, and especially the hooks. This is due in no small part to producer Sean Lillico (Fur Real Studio), who has done an outstanding job of capturing the band’s massive live sound and on-stage energy. 

Band Of Missfits have developed substantially since their last offering – 2017’s Into The Storm EP. Described by one rock critic as having an ‘earthy heavy ethereal feel to it’, the band’s sound beautifully combines acoustic and electric instruments with a powerhouse lead vocal. Taking things down a grittier path than their debut, Band Of Missfits have found more of their edge on Higher Passage, which delivers its hooks through bitter-sweet melodies.

While Higher Passage shows what Band of Missfits can do in the studio, this is first and foremost a live band. So their plan for the year is to play as many shows as possible, both at home and on the road, as they continuously work their way towards a debut full-length album.

“A great sound, a great band and a bloody great voice.” Mysteria Maxima Magazine


Higher Passage EP out now feat.Nothing At All

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Upcoming shows:

Friday April 27 – Bar Four5Nine, North Perth

w/ K Ridge, Spudgun, Ultrasound (fb event)

Saturday May 5 – Fly by Night Club, Fremantle

w/ Utlrasound, Spudgun, The Ivory Lies (fb event)

Friday June 15 – The Den @ The Civic Hotel, Inglewood

w/ The Silent Deeds, Paul McCarthy Band, Kilmister (fb event)