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Carla Geneve

The Grand Final of Mojo Rising happens at Mojo’s on Saturday, December 2, with KOPANO, Wooly Mammoth, Carla Geneve, Last Quokka and POND DJs plus Felicity Groom.

What was the lead up to you becoming a musician?

I’ve always loved music, and grew up with it. I did piano lessons from a young age and my dad always played guitar around the house. Since I started singing and writing songs when I was about 14 it just kind of felt right that I should keep going. I moved to Perth at the start of the year to pursue that.

Did you have a specific vision for what kind of artist you wanted to be and what kind of music you wanted to make?

I would like to say that I do, but I feel like I don’t have much control over the songs I write. They’re very personal and specific to my life and experiences. I try to be quite casual, and never really force anything. I do want things we do to sound pretty raw and not too polished.

Have you become that or something beyond?


I think right now that’s pretty much what we’re doing, the good thing about sounding casual and raw is that you can make a lot of mistakes.

Since you started gigging a few years back you’ve played all sorts of shows. What’s the experience so far been like?

I really love playing shows, it’s been great to play such a wide variety too. From like. weddings to busking to playing 459 or being part of the RTR Big 40 Slightly Odway orchestra the other day, there are a lot of differences, but I’ve really appreciated just being there and meeting all the different people come along or are part of the events.

How would you describe your live performances?

With my band, pretty loud and raucous. Jack who plays drums for me and Harry my bass player are immensely talented and pretty much just back me 100 per cent whatever I do, and make it sound good! We do more upbeat stuff that you can dance to. If I play solo I do a few different songs that are singer songwritery and more chilled out.

What’s the songwriting process like? Do you bang them out or allow them to bake a while?

It depends on the song, I suppose. I usually start with an idea that I have floating around my head for a while, then muck around with a guitar riff that fits that. Sometimes it takes like half an hour if I’ve got something I really want to say. or sometimes I jigsaw ideas together and it might take a few months until its ready.

You’ve released an EP and some singles, what do they showcase of you?

I haven’t released anything for a while. The EP was done when I was about 15, so I’d like to believe I’ve moved on quite a bit since then. The singles are from the start of the year, they’re fairly different to what I’m doing now too. Hopefully we will release something early next year that showcases the band and what we’re up to!

What would you say have been the highlights so far in your music career?

We won a WAM Award this year which was cool! and we’re supporting my absolute heroes the waifs this month too which I can’t wait for. Mostly just playing really fun shows to our friends has been the best.

What are your plans and hopes from here?

I hope for us to get some recordings out asap! And hopefully tour someday, I haven’t seen the Eastern States yet so it would be cool to combine that with gigging.

Describe your Mojo Rising experience and how you felt when you found out you’d reached the final…

Mojo Rising has been so fun, heaps and heaps of our friends in the scene have been part of it and we’ve had a ball. I think it’s such a great way to support upcoming acts. It’s strange to think of a gig as a competition because I love the way that music is more of a support network, so we were just really excited that we got to play another show with our mates!

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