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Pic: James Shepherd

The Grand Final of Mojo Rising happens at Mojo’s on Saturday, December 2, with KOPANO, Wooly Mammoth, Carla Geneve, Last Quokka and POND DJs plus Felicity Groom.

What was the lead up to the formation of the band and how you all gelled?

Jon (Stapleton – Vocals, keys, guitar): The band as it is now came together last year when Josh, Christian (Zappia, vocals/guitar) and I met at WAAPA. Andrew and I had already been playing together for six months or so and Christian immediately jumped into the picture, with Josh joining a bit later. I felt we really gelled in the recording of our first major release, our Arrival double-single.

Did you have a specific vision for what kind of band you wanted to be and what kind of music you wanted to make?

Jon: I always wanted to be a part of a rock/pop project that really took pride in its songwriting and soundscape and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of one. The music we make is beyond anything I could have imagined and I’m pretty stoked to be able to play with the three legends around me.

What’s the band’s gigging life been like so far?

Andrew Eyres (bass/vocals): The band’s gigging life is a great time, as much as we enjoy playing/performing together, we love equally getting around the local music scene.

Jon: We’ve been lucky enough to support acts like Harts, Andy Bull and Great Gable and we’ve played some packed out launches at the Rosemount and Jack Rabbits. It’s been a fun year.

How would you describe Wooly Mammoth as a live entity?

Jon: We try and deliver a tight, ripping set. We want to make people dance but also play sets that are interesting and diverse and make people think and feel.

What’s the songwriting process like? Do you bang them out or allow them to bake a while?

Josh Wright (drums): The songwriting process for us personally is different each time. But it usually starts with someone in the band having an idea and then everyone expanding on that. Sometimes this happens really quickly and smoothly but often we love to mess with a lot of the parts until we are happy with the rough arrangement of the tune

You’ve released several singles this year, have you been pleased with the reception to them?

Andrew: We have been really happy with the reception we’ve received from the three singles we’ve released in the last year. The amount of people listening from Spotty, from lots of different places was certainly more than we initially expected!

Jon: We feel like it’s been an organic build – each single has gotten more and more reception. We’ve been stoked with how many people have listened and told us they enjoy the tunes.

What would say have been the highlights so far in the band’s history?

Andrew: The single launch at the Rosemount, and hopefully the EP we are about to record!

Josh: We think that most of the highlights of the band so far are about to come in the next few months, but a couple up ‘til now would have to be supporting Harts at Urban Jungle; getting around 400 people to our launch at the Rosemount and cracking 100,000 listens on our latest track on Spotify.

What are your plans and hopes from here?

Andrew: To have a fanbase/demand over east and do some travelling internationally and play some shows in some cool different locations to Perth.

Jon: Next up is our debut EP, which we’ll launch next year. We hope to continue playing gigs with local bands we love and hopefully do some touring next year.

Describe your Mojo Rising experience and how you felt when you found out you’d reached the final…

Jon: Honestly, shocked. We made it through to the final as a wildcard and we knew our semi was stacked with so many great bands! Spacey Jane, Carla Geneve, Fox Scully and Kat Wilson Trio. I remember being super proud of us for making it through. 

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