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City Views

The City Views have just released their second EP, Find Me Rewinding, the follow up to 2015’s debut self-titled four-tracker, which resulted from the afterglow of a previous band, The Sensitive Drunks.

“The songs are more ambitious, musically,” says vocalist/guitarist. “Dave Wallace. “We have evolved and tightened as a band overall and we explored a bit more in the writing process. It was more of a group effort with arranging the songs and we played to our strengths a bit more as players.

“The first EP was made up of old songs I had written, some of those were 15 years old at the time! Apart from Lesmurdie, the new EP is made up of songs written with The City Views in mind and I think you can hear that. Recording EP number #1 was a great learning process as we knew exactly what we didn’t want the second one to sound like.”

The EP was some two-and-a-half-years in the making, partly delayed due to Wallace’s other collaborations with The Jangle Band, The JAC and Nic Dalton (Godstar, Lemonheads, Half a Cow records).

“It was a labour of love, really,” Wallace says. “We essentially tried to capture the vibe of a live band playing live in a room, with basic tracks done over the course of a weekend at my house in Mundaring. We realised pretty quickly that the songs where a little more ambitious than to just be represented as a live band in a room. We stuck to the formula of vocals, guitar, bass and drums for most songs as we didn’t want to throw the kitchen sink at the production like we had previously with The Sensitive Drunks. But we did add strings though to the song, Forget Your Name, and the guitars were fairly layered across the whole EP.”

While there is a digital version available, Find Me Rewinding stands first and foremost as a proudly vinyl release.


“The three of us are avid music fans and collectors,” Wallace notes. “To have your own music on a piece of wax is something that most musicians would always dream of. We also wanted to have something you could have in your hand, a physical product that you could both interact with and have a tactile connection to.”

The City Views launch Find Me Rewinding at the Bassendean Hotel on February 22 and The Fire Station, Busselton, on March 2.

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