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Addison Axe and Emma Sulley - Fit Bomb
Addison Axe and Emma Sulley - Fit Bomb

What happens when queer vegan artists open a gym?

Fit Bomb!

Fit Bomb is the love child and dreamscape of business partners and married couple Addison Axe and Emma Sulley. Addison is a singer, guitarist and performer turned fitness trainer, and Emma is a performing arts and sports physiotherapist. Fit Bomb epitomises everything that Axe and Sulley believe has been missing from the fitness industry.

“Going to the gym should be like going to your favourite bar or cafe,” said Axe. “A treat, somewhere you feel utterly at ease, somewhere you can get cosy alone, and somewhere you can have fun with your mates. But most importantly, somewhere with no judgement ever. That’s Fit Bomb.”

Nestled in the heart of O’Connor – Fremantle’s industrial sister suburb, Fit Bomb is one of O’Connor’s many hidden gems. In a beautifully lit warehouse, the tunes are cranking, and Freo locals are having the time of their lives.

“Every step in the inception of Fit Bomb has come straight from our hearts,” said Sulley, “and we hope that’s what touches people when they walk through our roller door!”

With classes including boxing, yoga, pilates and functional training, plus first class physiotherapy and personal training, Fit Bomb can be your happy place.

Join these new kids on the wellness block, feel like you can take on the world.


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You can follow Fit Bomb on Facebook and Instagram and check out their website here.

Addison Axe, Personal Trainer:
Emma Sulley, Physiotherapist:
Tel: (08) 6507 8578

Fit Bomb is located at: 4/10 Rees Street O’CONNOR WA 6163

Stardust: The Music of David Bowie, photo by Karen Lowe Stardust: The Music of David Bowie, photo by Karen Lowe