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Last Lions

Last Lions launch their EP, ‘Stop Killing Each Other’ at The Rosemount Hotel’s Bar 459 on 20 April.  After that, they’re off on a run of east coast dates, so we may not see them in Perth again for a while. Their punchy brand of alt rock that started with couple of mates from Rockingham in 2014 has really made its mark on the Perth scene, so it’ll definitely be worth paying attention to these guys as they explore new horizons this year.  Around The Sound spoke to Michael Slitenbachs, self-confessed big dumb idiot with the band.

“Danny and I formed Last Lions when we were in high school together because we wanted to play shows. Playing shows is probably our favourite thing to do. I met Ella at uni and fell in love with the way she writes bass lines so I asked her to join in 2017, and we got Jake at the end of last year because he’s the sweetest guy and a really dedicated musician.”

 Asked if they have any advice for bands wanting to follow in Last Lions’ footsteps, Slitenbachs, said, “Basically the same advice we were given. Just do it. Nobody’s going to do it for you, so just do it yourself. It might be a bit shit the first time, but each time you do it, if you keep your eyes and ears open to learning how to improve, it’ll probably get less shit each time.”

So, never be afraid of being shit.  Sounds like good advice for young players.

Tour information
April 20th at Four5Nine is our hometown EP launch! Tickets are available online so please feel free to buy one! If you’re under 18 or live in the “down south” area, there may or may not be a chance that we may or may not be booking some more shows which would suit you more, so keep your eyes peeled.

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